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Johns Hopkins Nursing Summer Issue Explores Nursing Educational Programs


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Posted: 8/6/2007

Johns Hopkins Nursing Summer 2007 offers a look inside the innovative programs and collaborative learning experiences that can enhance the careers of current and future nurses.

Class Acts
For nurses in today’s ever-evolving health care environment, learning doesn’t end at graduation.  Through innovative continuing education offerings and unparalleled advanced academic programs, the School of Nursing offers boundless opportunities for today’s working nurses to gain new knowledge and skills.

Rolling Out the DNP
Hopkins’ new Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) is set to debut after two years of careful planning. What makes it unique? Plus, how the school’s new DNP compares to its existing PhD program.

Partners in Learning
By establishing collaborative programs with other schools, the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing expands nurses’ opportunities to lead.  A partnership with Shenandoah University yields a new masters program with a certificate in nurse-midwifery.  And joint masters programs combining nursing and public health (MSN/MPH) and nursing and business (MSN/MBA) allow nursing students to tap the learning resources from multiple world-renowned Johns Hopkins University divisions.

Second Opinion:  What are the essential components of a 21st century nursing education?
Readers share their opinions on what competencies are essential in the education of today’s nurses.  The skill voted most important is “critical thinking and problem solving,” followed by “patient care quality and safety.”  Although “technical knowledge” ranked third in the poll, a great number of readers wrote the editors that nursing informatics should have been included in the poll as vital to the education of any 21st century nurse.   In the next issue, readers are asked, “How did receiving your nursing education in Baltimore shape you as a nurse?”