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School of Nursing Connects with Social Media


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Posted: 5/21/2009

The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON) has joined the world of social networking with several new venues, including Facebook, Twitter, Newsvine, and Digg.  In establishing a presence with the most widely used online networking communities, the SON continues to reach out, connect, and interact with new audiences.

Facebook (www.facebook.com) enables those signed up as a Facebook member to become a fan of the school, share comments and information on the SON Wall, post pictures and links, and participate in the latest school initiatives.  Facebook offers new avenues to be part of the larger SON communityand an opportunity for alumni and friends to stay connected.
Twitter (www.twitter.com), a popular social media for sharing brief online messages with others, is another venue added to the SON resources.  Press releases and other key initiatives and information are sent via Twitter in tweets, that link back to the SON website.

Newsvine (www.newsvine.com) and Digg ( www.digg.com) are both online news websites where the school posts news and readers then comment. Digg users can rate news items as well as comment. 

The JHUSON resources now include, in addition to these feedback-generating websites, the more traditional online news distribution, along with RSS and web-share features already in place.