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Never Too Old to Dance — JHMI Students Host Prom for Seniors


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Posted: 2/23/2010

Residents at the Apostolic Towers senior housing complex swayed on the dance floor February 20, as part of the Valentine-themed “Senior Prom,” hosted by members of the Geriatric Interest Group (GIG), made up of students from the Hopkins Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health. Over cupcakes, diet drinks, fruit salad, and sugar-free candies, the students learn lessons from the elderly that cant be found in textbooks.

The activity featured music, food, socializing, and of course, dancing. Each resident received a corsage or boutonniere and got their photograph taken. 

“The residents really enjoyed themselves,” said Hopkins Nursing student and Senior Prom organizer Xiao Liu. “One senior lady stood up and represented the rest of the residents and expressed how much fun they had and their appreciation for us.  The GIG students also found the activity meaningful and rewarding. It gives the GIG students a chance to interact with an older generation they care about.”

Aside from the Senior Prom, GIG students regularly spend weekdays at the Apostolic Towers Isaiah Wellness Center, offering health classes, doing checkups, and even helping the residents fill out complicated Medicare and Medicaid forms.

See photos from the event on Flickr.