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Schools of Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health Create Research Coordinator Training Program


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Posted: 6/26/2003

A new program of training for research coordinators has been announced by Jerilyn Allen, ScD, RN, Associate Dean for Research (SON), Michael Klag, MD, Vice Dean for Clinical Investigation (SOM), and Sharon Krag, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Research (BSPH). The program is sponsored by the three schools and coordinated by The Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing.

“I know that Ed Miller, dean of the School of Medicine and Al Sommer, dean of the Bloomberg School of Public Health, join me in giving enthusiastic support to this program,” says Martha Hill, PhD, RN, dean of the School of Nursing. “We all encourage broad participation.”

Dr. Klag says research coordinators are a critical part of the research infrastructure at Johns Hopkins. “A training program that is consistent across the schools is a priority,” he says. “We anticipate that this training will be a mandatory requirement in the near future.”

Dr. Allen adds that all principal investigators are strongly encouraged to have their current and future research coordinators participate.

The training program will be based largely on coursework and materials developed by Dorothy Damron, MS, CCRP, Clinical Trials Compliance Manager for the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center’s Clinical Research Office, who will continue to be involved in the organization and implementation of the campus-wide training. Each school has named a faculty member to direct this organization and implementation: Hayden “Bud” Braine, MD, will fill this role for the School of Medicine, Victoria Mock, PhD, RN, for the School of Nursing and Steffanie Strathdee, PhD, for the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

One-hour classes will be held once a week for a 10-week cycle and will begin in fall 2003. For more information contact Kathy Sabatier, director of the Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing at [email protected].