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School of Nursing Students and Faculty Recognized for Community Outreach


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Posted: 6/1/2009

Students and faculty at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON) are among the 2009 winners of the annual SOURCE (Student OUtreach Resource CEnter) awards, which recognize individuals who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to community projects.

JHUSON recipients include Meghan Greeley, Outstanding Student; Lori Edwards, Outstanding Faculty; and the Returned Peace Corps Fellows Program, Outstanding Student Group. Several students from the JHU Schools of Medicine and Public Health and two community mentors also received awards.

“SOURCE Awards are a good way for the faculty, students, and staff to observe the level of community engagement that goes on at Hopkins,” said Jessica Harrington, Assistant Director of SOURCE and MC for the awards. She adds, “People come to Hopkins to do more than study; they come to immerse themselves into the community.”

SOURCE serves as a channel for student, faculty, and staff involvement with community organizations and local projects.  The Center has a particular, but not exclusive, focus on East Baltimore neighborhoods in close proximity to the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions campus. Through community outreach and service-learning partnerships with community-based organizations SOURCE provides academic, professional, and personal development opportunities for the members of the JHU Schools of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health. Winners are nominated by peers and mentors for being role models in community engagement and scholarship with a particular emphasis on Baltimore-based activities for faculty nominees.