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O’Rourke Named New Admissions Director for School of Nursing


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Posted: 1/1/1998

Mary B. O’Rourke has been named director of admissions and student services for The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, effective immediately. O’Rourke has been associate director of admissions and student services at the school since 1991.

A resident of Mount Washington, O’Rourke has been with the School of Nursing since 1989 when she was first hired as admissions coordinator. Before coming to Hopkins, O’Rourke worked at the admissions office at Goucher College in Maryland where she recruited the first male student when that school decided to admit men. O’Rourke had also worked as program assistant for The Walters Art Gallery.

As director of admissions and student services at the School of Nursing, O’Rourke oversees recruitment for all undergraduate and graduate academic programs and supervises student activities such as orientation, open houses and graduation ceremonies.

“I am excited about the challenging opportunities I have as director of admissions and student services,” says O’Rourke. “Nurses have numerous career opportunities and our academic programs fit those needs. It is truly rewarding to match eager students with our comprehensive academic programs and to remain in close touch with those students throughout their time at the School of Nursing.”

O’Rourke says two of her goals as director are to recruit students for the school’s expanding graduate-level programs and to provide stronger outreach to high school students. “In view of the nationwide shortage of baccalaureate and master’s-prepared nurses, I want to get bright high school students thinking early about their futures and considering nursing as a career option.”

“I am pleased to have Mary O’Rourke overseeing admissions and student services efforts for the School of Nursing,” says Sandra Angell, associate dean for academic and student support services. “She brings an expertise and enthusiasm to the position which has a positive effect on our student body. Mary has a keen understanding of the often complex world of health care and is able to guide students to the proper academic programs.”