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Johns Hopkins Nursing Explores “Nursing School 2.0”


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Posted: 12/18/2009

The latest  issue of Johns Hopkins Nursing (http://web.jhu.edu/jhnmagazine) — the magazine named the best nursing print media of 2009 by Sigma Theta Tau international honor society for nurses — takes a look at how nursing education has changed over the years and how generational differences are driving those changes. 

The fall/winter issue, which celebrates 120 years of Hopkins nursing education and 25 years as a university-based School of Nursing, also takes a humorous view of future nurses and a nostalgic look at the past. 

The issues lead feature article, “Nursing School 2.0,  explores how soon-to-be-retiring baby boomer nurses are sharing their knowledge with up-and-coming Gen Xers and Millennials — the nursing students and recent graduates whose upbringing, expectations, and uninhibited expression of thought are markedly different than previous generations.  Conversations with Hopkins nurses, senior faculty, students, and recent grads reveal the depths of the “generation lap” and the serious educational reengineering required to bridge it. (http://web.jhu.edu/jhnmagazine/fall2009/features/nursing_school_2.0.html)

The creative inside cover sketches, “Robo-Nurse (RN) and OB Nurse of the Future,” are the result of the editors challenge to nurse artists to create their vision of the nursing uniform of the future.  Two outstanding entries included in this issue depict tomorrow’s nurses garbed in ultra-efficient gear, complete with odor and microbe-resistant spit-up pads. (http://web.jhu.edu/jhnmagazine/fall2009/features/uniforms_of_the_future.html)

“They Must be Hopkins Nurses” celebrates the memories of students, faculty, and hospital nurses through stories of nursing education and careers at Johns Hopkins.  Collected over a year’s time, these stories of touching, humorous, and courageous moments throughout the decades show the true spirit of Hopkins nursing.   (http://web.jhu.edu/jhnmagazine/fall2009/features/they_must_be_hopkins_nurses.html)

Compiled responses to a survey of 1,476 alumni reported in “Survey Says…” show how Hopkins nurses are living up to their reputation as thinkers, innovators, and leaders in the field.  The answers are intriguing and show the variety of reasons both men and women are now entering the field and how they are doing today in their careers.  (http://web.jhu.edu/jhnmagazine/fall2009/features/survey_says.html)

For more news of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, read Johns Hopkins Nursing online at http://web.jhu.edu/jhnmagazine.