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Johns Hopkins Nursing Summer Issue Explores Array of Opportunities, New Directions in Nursing


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Posted: 8/25/2005

Johns Hopkins Nursing Summer 2005 issue vividly illustrates the changing nature of nursing and the diversity of opportunity available to today’s nurses. Articles and features explore not only the “Game of Nursing,” but also the new fields and areas of study in forensic nursing, emergency preparedness and disaster response, and patient safety. http://www.son.jhmi.edu/JHNmagazine/past_issues.html

A New Specialty: Forensic Nursing
For most people forensic medicine is the stuff of “CSI” television drama, but for three students who graduated this spring, it is a career path. They are the first to complete the Johns Hopkins Forensic Clinical Nurse Specialist program in which nurses are trained to work directly with victims of criminal activity or those who are injured in a way that may lead to civil litigation. Through the program led by nursing faculty member Dr. Dan Sheridan, students become experienced in wound identification documentation, forensic terminology, and giving court room testimony. Graduates may work directly in the legal system, such as in a Public Defender’s Office, or in an emergency room at the forefront of health care. http://magazine.nursing.jhu.edu/2011/08/forensic-nursing-grads-hit-the-front-lines/

Predictor of Domestic Violence Available
Each year, more than 3 million women in the U.S. are abused by their intimate partners and more than 1,200 are killed by their abusers. A newly revised “Danger Assessment” instrument helps women at risk learn their level of danger and trains domestic violence advocates, law enforcement, and health professionals in measuring danger levels. The instrument, developed by Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing researcher Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell, is now on line. http://magazine.nursing.jhu.edu/2011/08/a-better-predictor-of-domestic-violence/

Have You Looked at Nursing Lately?
In her Summer issue column”Hill’s Side,” Dean Martha N. Hill, states “Nursing is the most exciting and flexible career in health care today.” Her comment is supported by the feature “The Game of Nursing,” which highlights the rich and varied opportunities awaiting both new graduates and seasoned nurses. The feature also profiles five alumni whose careers are thriving in a field that would barely be recognized by those entering nursing a decade or two ago. http://magazine.nursing.jhu.edu/2011/08/the-game-of-nursing/

Should a Doctor of Nursing Practice Be Required for Advanced Practice and Specialties?
Nursing is one of the last health professions to recommend a clinical doctorate. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing recently voted to require that all programs preparing advanced practice and specialty nurses grant the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DPN) degree. The current issue’s Second Opinion forum asks readers for their opinion of the new requirement. http://magazine.nursing.jhu.edu/2011/08/second-opinion-5/