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Johns Hopkins Nursing Spring Issue Explores “The New Face of Nursing”


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Posted: 6/27/2008

Now celebrating its fifth anniversary of publication, Johns Hopkins Nursing Spring 2008 shows how Hopkins nurses are championing patient advocacy with leadership, creativity, and vision.

The New Face of Nursing
Though the uniform of the bedside nurse has changed, the core tradition of care and compassion remains.  In an increasingly complex medical system, nurses are expanding patient advocacy with their drive for improvement, creativity in solving problems, and vision for the field of nursing. The result?  New opportunities, more intriguing career paths, and emerging leadership roles.

A Nursing Vocation for Each Generation
Across the generations, two families of nurses share the desire to work with patients and advocate for their best possible care.

Where in Baltimore is the Hopkins Nurse?
Throughout Baltimore, Hopkins nurses are taking action to improve the health of its citizens.  Four nurses tell why they love working in Charm City.

Second Opinion: What areas of expertise will be essential to nursing practice as the population ages?
Readers share their opinions on what competencies will be essential to caring for an aging population.  The areas of expertise voted most important are “promoting health behaviors, independence, and quality of life” (17.9%), “promoting support for family and non-formal caregivers” (14.3%), “creating useful, meaningful roles for older adults” (10.7%) and “providing care to address death and dying, including palliative care” (10.7%).  In the next issue, readers are asked “What are the biggest challenges to overcoming the nursing shortage?”