New Book Helps Nurses Implement Research for Patient Care


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Posted: 7/14/2010

Beach reading it’s not, but for today’s nurses, Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Implementation and Translation should be at the top of the summer reading list.

“Reading the newly published book can help nurses provide better care that is based on scientific evidence,” says Stephanie Poe, DNP, RN, Director of Nursing, Clinical Quality and Chief Nursing Information Officer at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Editors Poe and Kathleen White, PhD, RN, FAAN, associate professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, were both members of the team that developed the EBP model, which was first introduced in Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Model and Guidelines. Since the book was published in 2007, it has been a Top 10 bestseller for Sigma Theta Tau International, helping thousands of nurses translate nursing research into practice.

The new book acts as a sequel to the first, offering “strategies to build competence in implementing EBP and explores the many pathways to translating evidence into practice,” says Poe. It captures vignettes, stories, strategies, and lessons of Hopkins nurses as they use the model to implement evidence-based practice (EBP).

“You may have heard that it takes 17 years from the time new evidence is discovered until it is implemented into everyday healthcare,” says White. “We’re trying to decrease that time. Research translation should happen faster.”

Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Implementation and Translation is available in print or as an e-book through Nursing Knowledge International. For more information, visit