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JHU Honors Nursing Alumni for Achievements


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Posted: 4/14/2010

Four Johns Hopkins Nursing alumni have been recognized for their outstanding community service and dedication to the health care profession. Nancy Glass, Irma Rochlin, Jane W. Ball, and Connie Siskowski received alumni awards from the Johns Hopkins University to laud their achievements.

Nancy Glass, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN, associate professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON), Department of Community Public Health, and associate director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health, received the Knowledge for the World Award. A returned Peace Corps volunteer, Glass focuses her research on the development, implementation and evaluation of community-based interventions to reduce health disparities at home and abroad. She successfully established the Pigs for Peace program in Uganda to help intimate partner violence (IPV) and rape victims be self-sufficient and provide for their families. In the U.S., Glass works with businesses to prevent and reduce the impact of IPV on health, safety, and employment for immigrant- and US-born women. In her nomination letter, Glass stated, “As a Hopkins nurse, I have had many opportunities to collaborate and advocate with global partners for research to end inequity, poverty, and violence against women.”

Irma Rochlin, a 1945 graduate of Hopkins Nursing, was given the Woodrow Wilson Award for Distinguished Government Service. Following graduation, Rochlin served in the Army Nurse Corps and later became a political activist in 1969 in San Francisco, where she volunteered to take care of marchers participating in the People’s Park demonstrations. In the 1980s, Rochlin was elected to the Florida House of Representatives where she helped pass landmark legislation relating to domestic violence, prescription drugs, insurance rights for the disabled, and steroid use. “I was feeling guilty for not staying in nursing,” Rochlin states. “But my concern for people led me to politics.” That’s where she could make the most difference, she said.

A four-time graduate of Hopkins, Jane W. Ball, DrPH, RN, CPNP, NAP, received the Distinguished Alumna Award for exemplifying the Hopkins ideal of excellence in her professional achievements. Ball is a 1969 Hopkins Nursing graduate who went on to pursue degrees at the University and the School of Public Health. She began her career as a pediatric nurse and advocate of children’s health needs. During her career, Ball has served the State of Pennsylvania, taught at the University of Texas, and was executive director for the National Resource Center for Health Programs and Strategies, Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC.

Connie Tolles Siskowski, PhD, RN, a 1967 Hopkins Nursing graduate, also received the Distinguished Alumna Award for her dedication to helping those who care for their loved ones. Siskowski is founder and president of The American Association of Caregiving Youth in Boca Raton, FL. Its program, the Caregiving Youth Project, identifies and suppports children who are caring for ill, injured, elderly, frail, or disabled family members. In addition to her work with youth caregivers, Siskowski is a former research committee member for the National Patient Safety Foundation.