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Hopkins Nurses to Haiti — Second Deployment Departs


Posted: 3/15/2010

A second team of Johns Hopkins Nursing graduate students, faculty, alumni, and non-Hopkins nurses left for Haiti on a two-week deployment. This team follows closely on the steps of colleagues who departed on March 5 to assist in the Haitian relief efforts.

School of Nursing (SON) assistant professor Elizabeth “Beth” Sloand, PhD, CRNP, coordinated the second group consisting of SON assistant professor Kathleen Becker, MS, RN, ANP; Doreen Gagne, ENT, FNP and Laurie Scudder, PNP (who both have much needed pediatric experience); SON MSN/MPH student Karen Gibbs, RN; and SON alumna Kristi Thane, FNP.

The March 5 deployment group has posted several blog entries and photos of the latest conditions in Haiti. SON instructor Joyce Vazzano describes the extreme need for patient care: “We saw 140 patients in five and a half hours,” she writes in her blog. “Many are living in tents made of sheets on the edges of streets. Rubble and trash are everywhere, and there is no running water. Lots of education [is] needed.”

Fundraising efforts by SON students, faculty, and staff have reached $3,000 and continue at the SON with a Clothing Swap/Sale on March 23, 11 am-6 pm.