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New Critical Care Focus for Undergraduate Curriculum


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Posted: 1/1/1998

A new enhancement to our undergraduate curriculum is the Critical Care Focus designed for students who have made a firm career choice in acute/critical care nursing. The program provides additional lectures, mentoring and clinical experience in selected acute and critical care units at the Johns Hopkins and Sinai Hospitals.  Students will attend ongoing seminars focusing on aspects of critical care nursing and the transition between student and nurse in a critical care environment. These seminars will be developed jointly by School of Nursing faculty and critical care nurses in the sites.   As part of this program, the student’s final clinical Leadership experience will occur in a critical care area. This additional experience should allow a student to enter the job market at an enhanced level. 

For more information and application procedures, contact the Office of Admissions and Student Services at 410.955.7548 or visit us in the new School of Nursing building at:

525 N. Wolfe Street, Suite 113
Baltimore, Maryland 21205-2110.