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Appreciation Beams at An Evening with the Stars


Many of the brightest lights of Johns Hopkins Nursing—alumni, students, faculty, staff, nurses from across the medical system, and friends of the school—once again lent a shining presence to the fourth-annual edition of An Evening with the Stars on Saturday, September 26. 

It was a night made for mingling, clinking glasses together, and sharing stories of nursing today and yesterday. And by the time emcee Candace Dold of Fox 45 had announced the last of the Shining Star awards, the entire evening felt like a winner.

The 2015 Shining Stars (quotes from nomination forms):

Hopkins Nurse Star

Laurie Rome, RN, NCIII, The Johns Hopkins Hospital: “A change agent in pediatric oncology nursing.”

Pat Gabriel, RN, CEN, Suburban Hospital: “Mentors and teaches staff members throughout the hospital, enhancing their knowledge while making them feel respected and cared for.”


Suzanne Dutton, MSN, GNP-BC, Sibley Memorial Hospital

Elizabeth Halterman, RN, All Children’s Hospital

Jane Scanlon, CCRN, Howard County General Hospital

Tanya Simmons, RN, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Student Nurse Star

Stephanie Al-Adhami, Accelerated BSN: Has “served as a shining example of Johns Hopkins Nursing at local, state, and national levels.”


Susanna M. Lester, Accelerated BSN

Faculty Star

Jeanne Alhusen, PhD, CRNP, RN: “Motivated by genuine interest in students and powered by her creativity, Jeanne has found ways to educate the whole student, not just cover the relevant material.”


Shari Lynn, MSN, RN

Preceptor Star

Judith Ascenzi, DNP, RN, APRN-CNS, The Johns Hopkins Hospital: “A vocal advocate who champions sound approaches and always presents scientific rationale to support her position.”


Marilyn Moshay Cooper, MD, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians-Waters Edge

Rosenwald Star (recognizes a critical care nurse at Hopkins Hospital)

Grace Nayden, RN, NCIII, Coronary Care Unit, The Johns Hopkins Hospital: “Her bedside care has made a difference in many patients’ lives, and her mentorship has greatly increased the growth and professionalism of newer nurses.”


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