School of Nursing Alumni Association To Purchase Nursing Pins For Graduates


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Posted: 4/21/2005

The Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association (JHNAA) Board of Directors has unanimously agreed to purchase Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing pins for all graduating classes. Acting upon a recommendation of the JHNAA Membership Committee, Board members voted to underwrite the costs of the pins beginning with the Class of 2005.

JHNAA members will be notified that a portion of their dues now will be used towards the purchase and presentation of the school pin for future graduating classes. “We are honored to be able to preserve the rich tradition of Hopkins nursing graduates receiving a pin to commemorate graduation and entrance into the field as a professional nurse,” says Deb Baker, president of the JHNAA. “We know that all will wear their pins with great pride and we share that pride in welcoming them to the ranks of a cadre respected throughout the world: the Hopkins Nurse!”