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President - Robyn Khung

Robyn Khung - PresidentRobyn previously moved from Atlanta, GA where she studied Health Promotion & Behavior at the University of Georgia. While doing administration work at Emory University Hospital she discovered her passion for patient care and nursing through the lens of quality improvement. As President, she is excited to help grow the SNA Chapter to provide student resources, mentorship, and volunteer opportunities within the School of Nursing and the Baltimore community. Robyn is keeping an open mind about pursuing a nursing specialty, but ultimately loves components of quality, patient safety, and healthcare administration. When she is not studying, she enjoys spending time with her dog, running, craft beers, and playing volleyball at Cooley.



Shannon Bosche – Vice PresidentVice President - Shannon Bosche

Shannon is from the great state of Montana. She moved to Baltimore from Denver, Colorado, where she worked for a nonprofit small business lender. Shannon graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. Some personal experiences inspired her to change her career to nursing, and it has been the best decision ever! Shannon is excited about helping other nursing students through SNA, and about further developing a collaborative learning community. When Shannon is not studying, she enjoys hiking and going to the beach with her pup, reading, and trying new restaurants.


Secretary - Alison Butler

Alison Butler – SecretaryAlison was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY but has spent her last three years in Austin, TX. After dabbling in teaching and restaurant work, she took quite a turn from her undergraduate degree from NYU in Cinema Studies to take a job as a tech in a psychiatric hospital. Alison has also spent extensive time volunteering with forensic nurses as a sexual assault survivor advocate. She loves the inclusive and welcoming community within SNA and looks forward to furthering that in her role as secretary. In her free time, Alison enjoys reading and shamelessly watching reality TV.


Treasurer  - Kaitlin Eitz; she/her/hers

Kaitlin EitzKaitlin was born and raised in San Francisco, California, and received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Business from Pace University in New York City while also working as a live-in nanny. After her time in New York she moved back to San Francisco and worked in the tech industry. A multitude of life experiences inspired her to change her career to nursing, and just to make sure it was the right decision became a Certified Nursing Assistant prior to moving to Baltimore. BEST. DECISION. EVER. She is on the leadership team for the Black Student Nurses Association, a birth companions’ leader, and a Fuld Fellow here at Hopkins. As treasurer, Kaitlin hopes to keep everyone on top of their points, engage students in activities, and continue to build an already amazing community. Kaitlin’s ultimate goal is to become a Family Nurse Practitioner with a focus on women’s health. When Kaitlin is not studying, she is hanging out with her dog Kobi, cooking and learning new recipes from her many cookbooks all while listening to music, various podcasts, and books!

Historian - Midori Trojanowski; she/her

Midori Trojanowski – HistorianMidori is originally from Vacaville, California. After two years at Solano Community college she transferred to UC Davis, where she graduated with a B.A. in Exercise Physiology. After getting certified through The American Red Cross, she worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant for 2 years before moving to Baltimore to study nursing, with plans to ultimately become a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. She’s excited to work with SNA to provide enriching volunteer opportunities and social support to students. In her free time Midori enjoys practicing embroidery with Golden Girls on in the background.


Resolutions Committee Director - Emily Stanforth

Emily Stanforth Emily Stanforth is a nursing student in the MSN: Entry to Nursing program at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. She graduated from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a BS in Community Health Education in 2011. Emily has had the opportunity to work with young mothers both in the community as a doula, as well as in a group home setting through Mayo Clinic, serving as a Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist. Emily also worked as a project manager in healthcare software implementation. She worked with inpatient clinicians to review and enhance their clinical workflows and documentation, and helped them to incorporate evidence based practice approaches in the IT setting. Emily has extensive experience managing large, multidisciplinary teams, and coordinating them towards a cohesive goal. Once in Baltimore, Emily has enjoyed working as a doula again, volunteering with high risk youth, serving as a peer mentor, serving as the Vice President of Communication for the Student Senate, and participating in the Informatics Interest group. Her interests include women’s health, health policy, informatics, and empowerment in nursing.

Comm Outreach (1) - Kathryn McAuliffe; she/her/hers

Kathryn McAuliffe - Comm Outreach (1)Kathryn is originally from Portland, Oregon, and went to undergrad at Santa Clara University in the California Bay Area. While at SCU, she studied Psychology while minoring in Communication and Creative Writing, and was the varsity coxswain for the Men’s Rowing team. She was also involved in many on-campus communities including student athlete leadership groups, student judicial advisory boards, and peer learning facilitation. After undergrad, Kathryn worked at a youth residential treatment center and in the Oregon craft beer industry when she discovered her passion for direct patient care and nursing. She is excited to get more involved on campus through the SNA and help other members get more involved in the greater Baltimore community through volunteer opportunities and social engagement. When not studying, Kathryn likes to read, write, and listen to music and true crime podcasts all while drinking craft beer.



Lindsey DiRienzo - Comm Outreach (2)Comm Outreach (2) - Lindsey DiRienzo

Lindsey is originally from Alexandria, VA. She went to undergrad at James Madison University where she studied Hospitality Management and Business. After completing her degree she worked for a medical association for 2 years before deciding to go back to school for nursing. She is excited to get more involved through SNA and help other members get involved in community outreach in the Baltimore region. When Lindsey is not studying she enjoys cooking, practicing yoga, traveling, and red wine.



Miranda Zeng - Class DirectorClass Director - Miranda Zeng

Miranda was born and raised in Ellicott City, Maryland. She studied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County where she developed a passion for mental health, service, and nursing. After graduating, Miranda plans to gain experience in psychiatric nursing. She is excited to serve as the Class Director for Cohort 8. When Miranda is not studying she enjoys hiking, baking, and painting!



Breakthrough to Nursing - Tatiana Gallego

Tatiana Gallego - Breakthrough to NursingTatiana was born and raised in New Jersey. Prior to SON, she pursued a dual Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy and Public Administration. Prior to moving to Baltimore, she lived and worked for 6 years in DC doing external relations for an international development company. Tatiana is excited to step into the Breakthrough Nursing role to help find new ways to connect SON with the other programs on the medical campus, and to help get SNA members involved in and exposed to different aspects of nursing. Tatiana enjoys hiking, traveling and exploring Baltimore eateries while looking for the best Thai food in town!



Cohort 7 Class Director - Stephanie Tam

Stephanie Tam - Cohort 7 Class Director Born in Hong Kong and raised in California’s Bay Area, Stephanie attended UC Santa Cruz, home of the banana slugs, where she studied Health Sciences. One of her passions is suicide prevention, and Stephanie worked the hotline for several years and eventually became a trainer, welcoming and orienting new volunteers to the hotline. Additionally, before moving to Baltimore Stephanie worked as a medical assistant, phlebotomist, and EKG tech at Genentech while moonlighting at a local Chinese hospital where she supported Diabetes management, research, and primary care efforts. Stephanie is still unsure what kind of nursing she would like to pursue, but knows advanced practice will be in her future. When she is not studying, Stephanie is running, baking, playing badminton, crafting, or just enjoying the outdoors. She is excited to engage more people within the cohorts in SNA events and valuable volunteer opportunities.

Cohort 9 Class Director - Katherine Sistrunk

Katherine SistrunkKatherine is originally from Springfield, Missouri, but most recently lived in Oxford, Mississippi, where she attended the University of Mississippi for her undergraduate studies. She graduated in May of 2019 with a B.A. in Public Policy Leadership before moving to Baltimore to begin nursing school at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Katherine’s interests include health policy, public health, and healthcare advocacy, and she hopes to combine these interests with her career in nursing. Although she is unsure which direction she will take in nursing, Katherine knows that she wants to pursue either an advanced practice degree, doctoral degree in nursing, or public health degree down the road. Katherine represents Cohort 9 as the Class Director for SNA, and she is excited to be a part of the diverse community of nurses within SNA. When she is not studying, Katherine enjoys trying new foods (Thai being her favorite), exploring what Baltimore has to offer, and hanging out with friends.