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Helene Fuld Leadership Program for the Advancement of Patient Safety & Quality

Neisha Williams
"Patients can die because of poor care. I thought, 'If ever I have the chance to effect change, I want to.'"
Neisha Williams, BS '14, RN

Neisha Williams to the States to change outcomes. She already has. Her  Fuld Fellow research project replaced the traditional paper-based patient discharge process at one hospital unit with a digital one, resulting in a significant decrease in errors. The program has since been adopted by Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. While Neisha felt limited as a pharmacist back home in Jamaica, she’s now empoweredto...

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The Fuld Fellows Program

The Helene Fuld Leadership Program for the Advancement of Patient Safety and Quality (The Fuld Fellows Program) at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing (JHUSON) is designed to prepare a select group of pre-licensure nursing students for future leadership at the bedside and in other care settings, who have exceptional competencies for promoting quality and safety, particularly among older patients. This program provides academic and financial support for students who have a special interest in developing quality and safety skills beyond those ensured by the current curriculum. These selected students, Fuld Fellows, are given unique opportunities to capitalize on the intellectual and institutional resources that distinguish Johns Hopkins as a leader in healthcare quality and safety. The Fuld Fellows Program provides each Fuld Fellow with the following: 1) broad, evidence-based, quality/patient safety interprofessional education; 2) practical quality/patient safety learning experiences with Johns Hopkins improvement teams; and 3) mentoring to bridge theory and practice. This program will help strengthen nursing education nationwide by offering an exemplary academic model and innovative curriculum for building competencies in quality and safety that can be replicated or adapted at other leading institutions.

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Program goals

  • Provide broad, evidence based, quality/patient safety training
  • Provide practical quality/patient safety experience
  • Provide mentoring to bridge theory and practice


  • Enriched curriculum in patient quality and safety
  • Service-learning activities with interprofessional teams
  • Quality and safety research opportunities

& Elig.

Opportunities & Eligibility


Capitalize on the combined resources of the Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality, the top-ranked Johns Hopkins Hospital, and the JHU schools of Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health. You'll participate in the highest quality interprofessional health education, research, and patient care delivery.

  • Broad, evidence-based training in quality improvement and patient safety
  • Practical quality improvement and patient safety experience
  • Mentors from the School of Nursing, Johns Hopkins Medicine, and the Armstrong Institute will guide you and help bridge the theory and practice

Selection Process

To be considered for the Fuld program, you must:

  • Be accepted into the MSN, Entry into Nursing Practice program
  • Demonstrate significant interest in healthcare quality and safety
  • Be willing to participate in all program activities
  • Provide stewardship and post-graduation follow-up to the Helene Fund Trust and Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing
  • The application process includes an essay describing interest in quality improvement and patient safety and an interview



Funding Source

Helene Fuld Health Trust Background

The Helene Fuld Health Trust's mission is to support and promote the health, welfare, and education of student nurses. The Trust is the nation's largest private funder devoted exclusively to nursing students and nursing education.

In 1935, Dr. Leonhard Felix Fuld and his sister, Florentine, contributed $5,000 each to create a foundation to honor the memory of their mother, Helene Shwab Fuld, who had died in 1923. Born in New York City in 1883, Dr. Fuld attended Columbia University, from which he received his bachelor's degree, law degree, and doctorate. Although he worked as an editor, civil servant, and securities analyst, his lifelong passion was public health and sanitation.

During her lifetime, Helene Fuld had also been passionately interested in health issues, and the foundation named for her was originally dedicated to the "relief of poverty, suffering, sickness and distress." In 1961, Dr. Fuld limited the foundation's focus to "the improvement of the health and welfare of student nurses, and the term 'nurse' …is hereby defined as a person who gives bedside care to the sick and injured" a mission he had been thinking about for some time. Dr. Fuld noted to Trenton Sunday Times Advertiser: "After careful consideration and because of my intense interest in sanitation and health, I chose to pinpoint my efforts in the field of nurse health, which had received comparatively little attention up to that time." Throughout the course of his involvement with making grants to nursing schools, Dr. Fuld often visited the schools - several of which renamed themselves in honor of his mother - and spoke with nursing students in an effort to learn more about their needs and to ensure that high standards were being met.

As the country recovered from the Depression, Dr. Fuld and his sister both made further contributions to the foundation. After World War II, with the economy booming, the Fuld foundation's assets grew geometrically - from $4.8 million in 1952, to more than $35 million in 1965. In 1961, Dr. Fuld - concerned that the foundation continue after his death or incapacity - decided that he would eventually turn the assets over to a charitable trust to be known as the Helene Fuld Health Trust.

The primary mission of the Trust is to support and promote the health, welfare, and education of student nurses. The first priority of the Trust is financial aid to nursing students. Acknowledging the increased complexity of and sophisticated knowledge required for health care delivery, the Trust will give preference to programs that offer BSN degrees and higher. The Trust will seek opportunities to establish endowed scholarships for students in baccalaureate programs at selected nursing schools through an invitational process. The Trust will continue to award grants to leading nursing schools and other organizations which undertake innovative programs designed to develop and expand the professional and leadership skills of nursing students, faculty, and administration.


Program Requirements

The FULD Fellows ProgramProgram Requirements and Prerequisites

Students are required to participate in a 1 credit Fuld Fellows seminar each of the three semesters in the Fuld Fellows Program. They additionally are required to work 50 hours per semester for two semesters on a quality improvement project with their assigned mentor. Fuld Fellows choose their mentor based on their interests. In the third semester, they are required to create a scientific poster for presentation. 



Fuld Leadership Program Faculty

The Fuld faculty team leaders bring knowledge and expertise in clinical skills development, service-learning and practice, and innovation for evidence-based nursing.

Brigit VanGraafeiland, RN, DNP, CPNP
Program Director

Dr. VanGraafeiland is an Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, Department of Acute and Chronic Care. She spent the previous 14 years as an instructor and Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland's School of Nursing. She has over 20 years of experience as a pediatric nurse practitioner. Her focus is on improving the safety and healthcare outcomes of underserved and vulnerable pediatric patients and their families. As part of her recent QI work, she developed a documentation checklist healthcare providers can use to improve communication, expedite timely referrals, and advance the overall healthcare and social needs of children in foster care. She has also developed an adolescent standardized patient experience for advance practice pediatric nursing students to enhance their clinical documentation, history taking skills, communication, and exposure to patient guidelines

Fuld Fellows

Fuld Fellows

Cohort I

  1. Broache, Molly
  2. Campbell, Elizabeth
  3. Chay, Anna
  4. Dash, Rachelle
  5. Dunklebarger, Skylar
  6. Flanagan, Jennifer
  7. Foster, Lakicia
  8. Greengold, Judith
  9. Gu, Xuanni
  10. Havlicek, Jessica
  11. Jones, Janelle
  12. Kennedy, L'Oreal
  13. Levinson, Luna
  14. Popek, Carolyn
  15. Ray, Prema
  16. Sanzone, Lauren
  17. Steinberg, Madeleine
  18. Whittington, Sarah


Cohort II

  1. Agudu-Morgan, Selase
  2. Atwal, Par
  3. Benjamin, Marlon
  4. Faraone, Lea
  5. Gilman, Lee
  6. Grossinger, Ruth
  7. Guerrero, Nicolette
  8. Hayes, Meghan
  9. Heuklom, Shannon
  10. Horvick, Sarah
  11. Kane, Tim
  12. Koslan, Garrett
  13. Meyer, Marlene
  14. Miller, Sarah
  15. Odro, Loretta
  16. Oldsman, Marco
  17. Peck, Carlee
  18. Sit, Adelaide
  19. Smith, Bethany
  20. Wickenden, Lena
  21. Willman, Catherine

Cohort III

  1. Adelman, Rebecca
  2. Brown, Nicole
  3. Cary, Amanda
  4. Calderon, Nicole Carreras
  5. Conn, Kathryn
  6. Dalton, Genny
  7. Dao, Tu Anh
  8. Greenwood, Sarah
  9. Fendrick, Christina
  10. Hounsell, Elizabeth
  11. Johnson, Beverly
  12. Joumas, Katie
  13. Kowal, Mary
  14. Ochipinti, Adriana
  15. Moyer, Brittany
  16. Radtke, Kathryn
  17. Sam, Felicia
  18. Williams, Neisha
  19. Wong, Delenie

Cohort IV

  1. Backer, Rebecca
  2. Belliveau, Ashlee
  3. Brems, Jillian
  4. Cover, Amelia
  5. Cross, Jessica
  6. Crotty, Caitlin
  7. Gresh, Ashley
  8. Haszard, Jessica
  9. Iwe, Ihuoma Rose
  10. Kim, Tae Youn
  11. Laird, Sarah
  12. MacDonald, Kelsey
  13. Patel, Kerman
  14. Purnell, Marjorie Becca
  15. Raab, Brandon
  16. Ro, Ashley
  17. Shelley, Michael

Cohort V

  1. Acipayamli, Guney
  2. Amoroso, Elysia
  3. Bartels, Patrick
  4. Buzelli, Patricia
  5. Carr, John
  6. Carson, Cecile
  7. Evans, Ellen
  8. Kovacikova, Ivana
  9. Levitch, Suzanne
  10. Lowery, Sherah
  11. Martin, Candace
  12. Price, Tifanny
  13. Silva, Ana Carolina
  14. Tindall, Aaron
  15. Ughetta, Kathleen
  16. Valencik, Alexandra
  17. Weinberger, Margaux
  18. Yi, Cristel
  19. Young, Alison
  20. Santana, Emely 

Cohort VI

  1. Berkuti, Breevahn
  2. Bloomquist, Blair
  3. Bovee, Curtis
  4. Brown, Jeremy 
  5. Clement, Olivia 
  6. Cobb, Emma
  7. Gruber, Shoshana 
  8. Jaisankar, Pavithra
  9. Kim, Sejung
  10. Lawyer, Chole
  11. Ligo, Devon
  12. Pollard, Amanda 
  13. Rubenstein, Lillian
  14. Salter, Hannah
  15. Salvaggio, Bianca
  16. Sussman, Alexandra
  17. Thode, MayaJoy
  18. Vo, Dolly Hanh
  19. Worth, Ann
  20. Zavertnik, Jakue

Cohort VII

  1. Emily Balbier
  2. Casi Blakey
  3. Suzanne Block
  4. Kelly Cagle
  5. Lejhern Carr
  6. Brenna Durkin
  7. Emily Hangey 
  8. Elizabeth Hedrick 
  9. Sarah Hefner 
  10. Kate Kozeniewski 
  11. Augusta Macqueen 
  12. Demetrius Marcoulides 
  13. Michael Michalczyk 
  14. Ellie Mirzabagi 
  15. Y-nhi Nguyen 
  16. Michelle Osterman 
  17. Julia Puzak 
  18. Anna Scott 
  19. Jacob Schermer 
  20. Meredith West

Cohort VIII

  1. Shoshana Markovitz 
  2. Katie Nelson 
  3. Kelsie Galusha 
  4. Paige Kopp
  5. Olvia Roche
  6. Nikki Akinleye
  7. Hannah Pahutski
  8. Brian Chung
  9. Brandon Campbell
  10. Rebecca Sheinfeld
  11. Jasmine Salem 
  12. Kelsey Porter
  13. Kaitlyn Smith
  14. Rhonda Wright 
  15. Alexander Foullon
  16. Kelsi Brooks
  17. Maia Bradley
  18. Jennifer Kim
  19. Joseph Crowley
  20. Mary Vess 

Cohort IX

  1. Allie Rauh
  2. Ashley Shaffer
  3. Anne Lovering
  4. Steven Rutowski
  5. Greg Malone
  6. Shannon Cummings
  7. Kaylyn Patitucci
  8. Jordan Neighoff
  9. Kendra Skiff
  10. Noelle Pavlovic
  11. Duncan Bowling
  12. Jack Kluesner
  13. Jeremy Deterding
  14. Meera Mohan
  15. Melissa Moreno
  16. Charlotte Groch
  17. Angela Prouty
  18. Valerie Brewer
  19. Alex Amato
  20. Sara Baker​​

Cohort X

  1. Megan Anderson
  2. Natalie Van Sant
  3. Kieran McGuigan
  4. Darlene Nnanyulugoh
  5. Kelly Williams
  6. Jocelyn Absolu
  7. Caitlin Mayhew
  8. Ryan Bailon
  9. Jovalee Thompson
  10. Stacia Sherry
  11. Jung Amaral
  12. Alessandra Catizone
  13. Charles Darlymple
  14. Elizabeth Doro 
  15. Rebecca Dove 
  16. Janet Lee
  17. Hannah McNeely
  18. Anna Joker 
  19. Katie Tracy 
  20. Sally Rives

Cohort XI

  1. Chelsea Howland
  2. Oumie Ceesay
  3. Dan Hwang
  4. Geneva Augustin
  5. Rachael Viale
  6. Yasmine Sahli
  7. Martine Prompt

Cohort XII

  1. Emily Fisher
  2. Kayla Herne
  3. Elena Huang
  4. Lela Kanter
  5. Katherine McNabb
  6. Vi Nguyentran
  7. Kathryn Spearman
  8. Chelsie Sumner


Cohort XIII

  1. Mark Alger
  2. Lianne Dane
  3. Semhar Daniel
  4. Andrea Montalvo
  5. Caitlin Morgan

Cohort XIV

  1. Kaitlin Eitz
  2. Daffcar Erol
  3. Mahshid Jami
  4. Robyn Khung
  5. Carolyn Kim
  6. Andrew Lazarchik
  7. Alex Lee
  8. Kimberly Peer

Cohort XV

  1. Anne Batchelder
  2. Paula Bondal
  3. Mariel Falcon
  4. Gabrielle Hall
  5. Kynadi Mauney
  6. Yvonne Minkah
  7. Allyson Paziale
  8. Stepney Racy
  9. Mariel Villanueva
  10. Sydney West



Fellow Posters

View past FULD Fellow Posters


Mentor a Fellow

If you are leading a patient safety or quality improvement initiative at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and are interested in mentoring a Fuld Fellow, please provide your contact information, project description, and anticipated role for the Fuld Fellow. If you are interested in mentoring a fellow, please contact Dr. Cheryl Dennison Himmelfarb.

Note: Fuld Fellows will commit approximately 4 hours per week to assigned projects. Specific role in project and work schedule will be negotiated by Mentor and Fuld Fellow.

Cohort I Fuld Fellows, June 2012-July 2013

Project MentorCohort I Fuld FellowProject Title

Amy Deutschendorf

Carolyn PopekJHHS Readmissions/Care Coordination Initiative

Ayse Gurses

Prema RayThe Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Health Records

Deb Hobson

Anna ChayTargeting a Defect: Improving Preoperative Patient Education for Safer Surgery

Deborah Baker

Jessica HavlicekStaff Perceptions of Patient- and Family-Centered Care in the Department of Surgery at JHH

Hanan Aboumatar

Xuanni (Mimi) Gu

Advancing Patient Centered Care Delivery in the Acute Care Setting

Joanne Ioannou/Terry Nelson

L'Oreal KennedyPatient Satisfaction: Improving HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) Scores in the Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Medicine

Kelly Fadrowski

Selase Agudu-MorganReducing Delays in Receipt of Pharmacy-Prepared Meds
Kisten Nolan

Judith Greengold

Prevention for Positives (Healthy Prevention Behaviors for HIV Positive Patients)
Laura Winner

Marlon Benjamin

Use of Radio-Frequency Identification to Promote Improved Hand Hygiene Compliance
Laurie Saletnik

Jennifer Flanangan

Implementing the Central Line Checklist in the Operating Room

Mandalyn Schwartz / Carol Maddrey

Skylar Dunklebarger

Facilitating Patient/Family Transitions from Intensive Care Units to Inpatient Units: Communication and Expectations

Mary Myers

Lauren Sanzone

Johns Hopkins Home Care Group /Bayview Outpatient Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Line Study

Mary Myers

Sarah Whittington

Reducing Avoidable Hospitalizations

Melinda Sawyer

Janelle JonesWorkarounds Associated with Barcoding Technology

Melissa Eichelberger

Lakicia FosterImplementing the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program on the Progressive Care Unit

Michelle Patch

Molly BroacheImproving Hand Hygiene in an Emergency Department Setting

Sallie Weaver

Elizabeth Campbell

Analyses of the 2011 Safety Attitudes Questionnaire Data

Sandy Swoboda

Rachelle DashDetermining the Psychosocial Impact of Isolation Precautions on Patients and Families of Intensive Care Unit Patients

Sean Berenholtz

Claire LevinsonPerioperative Anti-Platelet and Anticoagulation Management Task Force

Tasha Beck Freitag

Madeleine Steinberg

Increasing Utilization of the Heart Failure Bridge Clinic to Reduce 30-day Readmissions

Cohort II Fuld Fellows, September 2012-December 2013

Project MentorCohort II Fuld FellowProject Title
Betsy Zink

Bethany Smith

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Prevention Project

Brenda Nack

Nicolette GuerreroEvidence Base Practice in the Operating Room

Brenda Shelton

Adelaide SitPrediction of Outcomes in Critically Ill Patients with Cancer

Christine Goeschel

Par AtwalNational Implementation: Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program for Safe Surgery

David Thompson

Meghan HayesCardiac Surgery Translational Research Project

David Thompson

Tim KaneCardiac Surgery Translational Research Project

Gina Szymanski/ Mikaela Olsen

Lee GilmanEfficacious Interventions for the Management of Delirium in Adult Acute Care Patients

Ian Morris

Garrett KoslanMaryland Hospital Association -Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia /Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program

Judy Ascenzi

Ruth Grossinger
Lena Wickenden
Preventing Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections in Critically Ill Children Using a Bundle Approach

Laurie Bryant

Sarah HorvickImpact of Hourly Rounding and the Patients Perception of Nurse Responsiveness

Marie Hanna

Lea FaraoneImprove Postoperative Pain Management

Michelle D'Alessandro

Lortta OdroImproving Readmission and Length of Stay among Transplant Patients

Michelle Patch

Shannon HeuklomDe-escalation Training for Emergency Department Staff

Pedro A. Mendez-Tellez

Marlene MeyerIncreasing Adherence to Low Tidal Volume Ventilation in Patients with Acute Lung Injury and Acute Respiratory Distress

Renay Tyler

Catharine WillmanNursing Role and Work Flow Assessment

Sandy Swaboda

Carlee PeckDaily Goals in the Intensive Care Unit

Scott Newton

Sarah MillerRapid Access to Tertiary Care: A Clinical, Financial and Operational Model

Vinciya Pandian

Marco OldsmanEmergency supplies for Tracheostomy Patients

Cohort III Fuld Fellows, June 2013-July 2014

Project MentorCohort III FellowProject Title

Brenda Shelton

Adriana OchipintiEarly Sepsis Management

Deborah Hobson

Genny DaltonDecreasing Surgical Site Infections(SSI) in the colorectal surgical population and improving the Safety and Teamwork Culture in the OR

Deborah Hobson

Delenie WongPreventing Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) [deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE)] across Johns Hopkins Hospital and affiliates

Joyce Parks/Janice Knowles

Nicole BrownAddressing de-conditioning among patients in a psychogeriatric inpatient setting

Kisten Nolan

Amanda CaryPrevention for Positives

Laura Gavin

Brittany MoyerPrevention of Tissue Expander Infection

Laura Winner

Neisha WilliamsReducing length of stay for Hospitalist patients

Lisa Purdy

Elizabeth HounsellReduction of Falls in the Adult Inpatient Abdominal Organ Transplant Population

Lori Paine

Joseph ChambersImplementation of a Johns Hopkins Component Patient Safety Organization

Lori Wroblewski

Nicole Carreras CalderonVentilator Associated Pneumonia(VAP)/(Eliminate Ventilator Associated Pneumonia) EVAP

Judy Ascenzi

Katie JoumasReducing length of stay for Hospitalist patients

Melissa Eichelberger

Christina FendrickImproving the care delivery model to minimize separation of mom and baby

Mikaela Olsen

Kathryn ConnDelirium Interventions

Patty Dawson/
Carla Aquino (Primary contact)

Tu Anh DaoPressure Ulcer Prevalence

Paula Justice

Sarah GreenwoodQuality of Patient Experience in the ED

Sandy Swoboda

Kathryn RadtkeDetermining the Psychosocial Impact of Isolation Precautions on Patients and Families of ICU Patients

Sandy Swoboda

Rebecca AdelmanDeveloping and Testing a Set of Measures to Assess Safety in High Risk Intensive Care Units

Susan Culp

Beverly JohnsonNICU Discharge Improvement

Tener Goodwin Veenema

Mary KowalIdentification of Metrics for Evaluating the Quality of Nursing Care Rendered in Red Cross Disaster Shelters

Yvonne Commodore-Mensah

Felicia Sam

AFRO-CardiAC Study (Cardiovascular Disease Risk and the Association with Acculturation in West-African Immigrants)

Cohort IV Fuld Fellows, September 2013-December 2014

Project MentorCohort IV FellowProject Title

Brenda Shelton

Jessica CrossEarly Sepsis Management

Carol Gentry

Tae Youn KimUpdated Briefing and Debriefing Tool

Cheryl Connors

Jillian BremsRISE Data Collection & Analysis

Elizabeth (Betsy) Zink

Brandon RaabDetermining the Utility of the Full Outline of Responsiveness Scale as compared to the GCS in the Care and Monitoring of NCCU

JoAnn Z. Ioannou

Willard Wilson WillImplementation of a Transitional care unit for the Department of Neurosciences

Judy Ascenzi

Ihuoma IweCentral Line Associated Blood Stream Infection (CLABSI)/Central Line Utilization & Entries (C.L.U.E.) Bundles

Judy Ascenzi

Sarah LairdSkin Injury Prevention

Kisten Nolan

Rebeccca PurnellPrevention for Positives

Marie Hanna

Ashley RoEvolution in postoperative Pain management

Martha Kennedy

Ashlee BelliveauInvestigation of Potential Safety Issues with Acetaminophen use in Surgical Patients

Michelle D'Alessandro

Jessica HaszardMedication Administration -Observation and Intervention Study

Michelle Patch

Amelia CoverED QI Group Project Development

Michelle Patch

Kelsey MacDonaldED QI Group Project Development

Myrna Mamaril

Kerman PatelCUSP: Identifying Gaps that Impact Patient Safety in the Pediatric PACU through Data Analysis

Renee Demski

Caitlin CrottyReducing Pressure Ulcers Across Johns Hopkins Medicine

Sharon Allan

Michael ShelleyEarly Mobilization in the intubated post-op cardiac surgery patient

Tener Goodwin Veenema

Rebeccca BackerIdentification of Metrics for Evaluating the Quality of Nursing Care Rendered in Red Cross Disaster Shelters

Tina Tolson

Ashley Gresh

Reducing Length of Stay in the Emergency Department

Cohort V Fuld Fellows, June 2014-July 2015

Project MentorCohort V FellowProject Title

Brad Winters

Suzanne LevitchVentilator Associated Events Improvement Project

Brenda Nack

Aaron TindallSpecialty teams and staff satisfaction and patient safety 

Dr. Cynda Rushton

Ivana KovacikovaIntervention to Decrease Moral Distress in the PICU

Dr. Marie Nolan

Patricia BuzelliTAILORED Family Decision Making Study 

JoAnne Silbert-Flagg

Candace MartinImpact of Mothers Breastfeeding Support Group in Promoting Breastfeeding

Judy Ascenzi

Elysia AmorosoPICU pressure ulcer prevention

Kisten Nolan 

Cecile Carson Revitalizing Patient Safety Net

Laurie Bryant

Cristel YiHourly Rounding 

Leah Chandler

Margaux WeinbergerAnalysis of Symptom Clusters for Adult Patients with Hematologic Malignancies Suffering from Intracranial Hemorrhage 

Margaret Barracato

Guney AcipayamliPilot of Pediatric Financial Counselor Position

Maria Cvach

John CarrRisk Communication Transportation EBP project

Mikaela Olsen

Kathleen UghettaFactors that Increase Patient Satisfaction and Efficiency in Ambulatory Oncology Clinics

Mikaela Olsen

Ellen EvansFactors that Increase Patient Satisfaction and Efficiency in Ambulatory Oncology Clinics

Nadine Rosenblum

Sherah LoweryHospital practices to improve breastfeeding outcomes

Scott Newton

Tifanny PriceLifeline Campus EMS System

Sharon H. Allan

Patrick Bartels CAUTI Prevention in the ICU Setting

Stacey Rotman

Ana Carolina SilvaFall/Delirium Reduction on Halsted 8

Susan Humphreys

Alexandra ValencikMCIC Collaborative Perioperative Surgical Services Initiative to improve the pre-op preparation of patients

Susan Kulik

Alison Young

What are the best practices to reduce communication failures during hospital transfer nursing handoffs?

Suzanne CowperthwaiteEmely SantanaOral Chemotherapy Safety

Cohort VI Fuld Fellows, September 2015-December 2015

Project MentorCohort VI FellowProject Title
Lorraine HarboldAmanda PollardNICU Golden Hours
Judy AscenziAnnie WorthPICU CAUTI Prevention
Judy AscenziBreevahn BerkutiPICU CLABSI Prevention
Terry EdmundsonChloe LawyerCreating a Milieu-Driven Group Program
Stacey RotmanCurtis BoveeVTE Prevention Education: Preventing Death One Clot at a Time
Sandy SwobodaDevon LigoAssessment of an Electronic Hand Hygiene Program
Elizabeth SloandDolly VoBreastfeeding Behaviors Among Hispanic Women in Baltimore
Sarah VanderwagenEmma CobbPED to PICU Transfer Safety Initiative
Jennifer DayHannah SalterCycled Lighting in the NICU: a Translational Research Study
Jennifer DayBianca SalvaggioCycled Lighting in the NICU: a Translational Research Study
Renay TylerJake ZavertnikAdvancing Certification in Ambulatory Nursing
Michelle D’AllesandroJeremy BrownNew Nurses Preparedness: Comparing New Nurse Perception Versus Nursing Leadership
Michelle D’AllesandroAlexandra SussmanNew Nurses Preparedness: Comparing New Nurse Perception Versus Nursing Leadership
Brenda SheltonLilian RubensteinImplementing the Surviving Sepsis First 6 Hours Bundled Interventions in a Hematology-Oncology Ambulatory Clinic
Cindy DwyerMayaJoy ThodeEmerge Project: Data Collection and Q&A
Cindy DwyerBlair BloomquistEmerge Project: Data Collection and Q&A
Deirdre FlowersOlivia ClementImproving Care of Heart Failure Patients at JHH

Joyce Parks

Pavithra JaisankarA Structured Exercise Program for Decreasing Fall

Brenda Nack

Sejung Kim

Risk: Improving Function and Perceived Health on an Inpatient Geropsychiatry Unit
Ellen RayShoshana GruberImproving Throughput in Labor and Delivery Triage

Cohort VII Fuld Fellows, June 2015-July 2016

Project MentorCohort VII FellowProject Title
JoAnne Silbert-FlaggCasi BlakeySuccess Mother's Breastfeeding Support Group in Meeting Mother's Breastfeeding Goals
JoAnne Silbert-FlaggEmily BalbierSuccess Mother's Breastfeeding Support Group in Meeting Mother's Breastfeeding Goals
Tania RandellJulia PuzakAngle of bed elevation and readmission rate in patients with congestive heart failure
Deborah HobsonKelly CagleEnhanced Recovery Program for Several Different Surgical Services
Sarah AlfonsoSarah HefnerEffectiveness of Patient Transfer Nursing Report Tool on Patient Outcomes and Nurse Satisfaction
Elizabeth ZinkKate KozeniewskiImplementation and Evaluation of a progressive mobility algorithm in the Neurosciences Critical Care Unit
Sharon AllanJake ShermerWhat are best practices to improve patient safety in the ICU?
Neysa ErnstAnna ScottStaff Training Effectiveness on BioContainment Unit
Michelle D’AlessandroLejhern CarrDiversity in the Workforce
Cathleen LindauerSuzanne BlockImplementing and Evaluating Nursing Bedside Rounding and Handoffs
Tina TolsonMeredith WestAlarm Management
Lori Van GosenElizabeth HedrickSubcutaneous Hydration
Brenda NackEmily HangeySpecialty Teams in the ORs.
Jessica PetersY-NhiRetrospective Assessment of Unplanned Surgical Intensive Care Unit Readmission During Hospitalization
Sarah VanderwagenMichael MichalczykProduction of Pediatric ED Cardiac arrest simulation video
Elizabeth SloandAugusta MacqueenAccuracy of infant and child weights
Karen DavisBrenna DurkinStrategies for Resilience in Psychiatric Nursing

Kisten Nolan

Michelle OstermanBlood Pressure Improvement in an HIV Patient Population

Nicole Warren

Ellie MirzabagiQuality Improvement in Midwifery

Cohort VIII Fellows, January 2016-December 2016

Project MentorCohort VIII FellowProject Title

Sean Berenholtz

Brian Chung

Engaging Patients and Families to Improve Care for Mechanically Ventilated Patients

Melinda Sawyer

Maia Bradley

Evaluation of a Safety scorecard for the Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program

Nana Khunlertkit

Alexander Foullon

Simulation to identify potential system issues that could affect human performance

Janice Knowles

Hannah Pahutski

Measuring the effectiveness of a multi-factorial exercise program on strength and balance, perception of health and falls among older adults on an inpatient psychiatric unit

Jocelyn Anderson

Joseph Crowley

Alternate Light Source (ALS) Use and Findings in Clinical Forensic Settings

Sherri Jones

Rhonda Wright

Nursing Handoff Process in the Children's Center

Alison Owens

Kelsi Brooks

Interventional Radiology Patient Experience Lean Sigma project

Laurie Saletnik

Brandon Campbell

Improving our culture of safety within the ORs

Nancy Goldstein

Nikki O.

New Graduate Nurse Perception of Competence to Nurse Leadership

Barbara Maliszewski

Rebecca Sheinfeld

Implementation of difficult access team

Laura Winner

Mary Vess

Implementing Lean Daily Management tools systems and principles to promote a culture of continuous improvement

Julie Murphy

Shoshana Markovitz

A Comprehensive Breast Feeding Support Program in the Bloomberg Children's Center

Rhonda Wyskiel

Jennifer Kim

Family Involvement Program

Samatha Pitts

Olivia Roche

CUSP Diabetes Project - Team based care to improve preventative care services utilization among patients with diabetes

Dorna Hairston

Kelsey Porter

Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcer Monitoring

Cindy Dwyer

Paige Kopp

Project Emerge & AHRQ project - integrating EHR and infusion pump

Brian Garibaldi

Kelsie Galusha

Improving the safety of PPE doffing in a highly infectious environment

Cheryl Connors

Jasmine Salem

Emergency response redesign

Brenda Shelton

Katie Nelson

Evaluation of Quality Critical Care in a Designated Oncology ICU

Tracy Douglas

Kaitlyn Smith

Early Mobilization in Hematologic Malignancies and Oncology ICU

Cohort IX Fellows, June 2016-May 2017

Project MentorCohort IX FellowProject Title

Brenda Shelton

Steve Rutowski

Validation of oncology-specific sepsis screening criteria

Samantha Pitts

Meera Mohan

Improving delivery of care for patients with diabetes through alignment with the chronic care model

Karen Earsing

Greg Malone

Change in Practice-Transition from use of monitor watch

Robson, Christine

Annie Lovering

Improving the availability and management of emergency tracheotomy supplies

Melinda Sawyer

Kendra Skiff

A Transdisciplinary Approach to CUSP Tool creation and Revision

Jennifer Snider

Angie Prouty

ECMO Mobility

Michelle Patch

Valerie Brewer

Implementation and Evaluation of a Debriefing Process in the ED

Webra  Price Douglas

Jack Kluesner

 Improving Transport Stabilization and Feedback from Referral Hospitals

Tania Randell

Noelle Pavlovic

A pilot intervention to improve driveline dressing management in patients with mechanical circulatory support

Flagg, JoAnne

Ashley Shaffer

Mothers Breastfeeding Support Group

Julie Murphy

Melissa Moreno

Breast Feeding Education for Nurses: The Front Line Resource for the Breast Feeding Mom in The JHH Children's Center

Sharon Allan

Sara Baker

Alarm profiles to reduce alarm fatigue in the Coronary Care Unit

Rhonda Wyskiel

Jordan Neighoff

Family Involvement Program

Nadine Rosenblum

Charlotte Groch

Quality Improvement Process to Maintain Baby Friendly Hospital Status

Rebecca Longstreth

Jeremy Deterding

Purposeful Rounding

Deirdre Flowers

Kaylyn Patitucci

Examining factors contributing to heart failure patients being readmitted to hospital within 7 days of discharge

Matthew Morris

Alex Amato

An EBP Approach to Reducing Sharps Injuries in the OR

Sharon Krumm

Allie Rauh

Smoking Cessation for Individuals Diagnosed with Cancer

Cheryl Connors

Shannon Cummings

Options: Code Team Redesign, Transport Intrafacility, RISE data collection & evaluation

Laurie Bryant

Duncan Bowling

Using Technology to define, develop and improve nurse workflow on Adult Leukemia units to improve patient safety, satisfaction and nurse satisfaction