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  1. This site will help to foster patient and family engagement in healthcare. Allowing for patient engagement and connectivity can enable patient and family involvement in their healthcare decision-making process.  Those patients who are engaged, as decision-makers, tend to be healthier and have better outcomes.
  2. This site will provide social networking sites for nurses to offer to patients and caregivers in order to enhance patient engagement.
  3. This group (Informatics Interest Group) will evaluate networking sites for patient referral on a quarterly basis.

About Us:

We will meet quarterly to evaluate and suggest Social Networking Sites.  Once approved, these sites will be posted on our website for Information Prescription use by nurses and nursing students alike.

What is a Information Prescription?  “The National Library of Medicine created Information Rx to help people better understand health information, to enhance conversations between healthcare providers and patients, and to encourage the use of evidence-based health information on the Internet.”  Our site will specifically refer patients to sites that have a social networking capacity – or a capacity to talk to other caregivers or patients about “like” diagnoses.

Why should patients or nurses care about Patient Engagement?


Informatics Interest Group

Site Submission

If you would like to submit a site for evaluation, please submit in the following form: