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Preceptors for Advanced Practice Students

Preceptors for Advanced Practice Students

Working with our students

Preceptors collaborate with Hopkins track coordinators and clinical faculty to provide graduate nursing students with enriched experiences linking educational knowledge and clinical practice.  Preceptors for graduate nursing students are needed for advanced practice in clinical settings across the life span.  With increasing complexity of patients and increasing need for access to care, our students are motivated to work with preceptors to apply their knowledge to reach competencies in the clinical setting.

See and hear what our students say about their preceptors -

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Benefits of Becoming a Preceptor

Precepting is a responsibility and can require careful balancing of time and effort in a busy practice, but it also brings benefits.  Many preceptors remember that special preceptor who guided them in their clinical growth while a student. This offers an opportunity to be that exceptional preceptor who makes a difference in the education of a future advanced practice nurse.


Additional benefits include:


If you would like to precept or want to learn more, please contact us.

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