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Phyllis Sharps, PhD, MSN, RN

Associate Dean for Community Programs and Initiatives
Elsie M. Lawler Chair
Phyllis Sharps
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Specialties and Expertise

  • Community
  • Community / Public Health
  • Diversity
  • Maternal Health
  • Social Determinants of Health/Poverty
  • Violence
  • Women's Health


As an expert in maternal and child health nursing, a researcher, and a mentor to the next generations of Johns Hopkins nurses, Phyllis Sharps works at the forefront of community and public health nursing and at the interface of mental and physical health. As associate dean for community programs and initiatives, she directs three health and wellness centers operated by the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, provides care in a Baltimore shelter for homeless battered women and their children, and conducts ongoing community-based, participatory research. The overarching focus of her work is on the effects of intimate partner violence on the physical and emotional health of pregnant women, infants, and very young children. With a $3.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Sharps is testing the Domestic Violence Enhanced Visitation Program (DOVE), a promising intervention to keep abused women and babies safe from intimate partner violence. She shares new clinical knowledge gained through her research in numerous nursing and public health scholarly publications and as a consultant and speaker for such organizations as the Family Violence Prevention Fund and the National Institute of Justice. Dr. Sharps also consults on cultural competency in research conducted among African-American women and in African-American communities.

Additional Resources

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  • Publications/Research

    Sharps, PW; Bullock, LC; Campbell, J., Alhusen, J., Ghazarian, S., Bhandari, Shreya, & Schminkey, D. (in press). "Domestic Violence Enhanced Prenatal Home Visits: The DOVE Randomized Clinical Trial." Journal of Women’s Health.

    Bacchus, LJ., Bullock, L., Sharps, P., Burnett, C., Schminkey, D., Buller, AM., Campbell, J. (2016). “Opening the door: A qualitative Interpretative Study of Women’s Experiences of Being Asked About Intermate Partner Violence and Receiving An Intervention During Perinatal Home Visits in Rural and Urban Settings in the USA. Journal of Research in Nursing.

    Gresh, A., Daliman, E., Johnson, E., Mena-Carrasco, F., Rosales, L., Pantaleon, v., Davidson, P.M., Sharps, P. (2015). "The Role of the World Health Organization Collaborating Centers: Perspectives of Future Global Nurse Leaders." Nurse Leader, 13 (5), 44-48.

    Peterson, K., Sharps, P., Banyard, V., Powers, RA., Kaukinen, C., Gross, D., Decker, MR., Baatz, C., & Campbell, J. (2016). "An Evaluation of Two Dating Violence Prevention Programs on a College Campus," Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

    Sharps, P., Alhusen, J., Bullock, L., Bhandari, S., Ghazarian, S., Udo, I., Campbell, J. (2013). "Engaging and retaining abused women in perinatal home visitation programs." American Academy of Pediatrics.

    *Archibong, U., Sharps, P. (2013) "A comparative analysis of affirmative action in the United Kingdom and United States." Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture.

  • Awards/Honors

    2016 Friends of the National Institute of Nursing Research (FNINR) President’s Award

    2016 Lifetime Achievement in Education and Research Award, Association of Black Nursing Faculty

    2015 Visionary Pioneers Award, University of Maryland School of Nursing

    2014 Adjunct Professor, Rafic Hariri School of Nurisng, American University, Beirut

    2013 International Research Hall of Fame, Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society

    2012 Diversity Recogniton Award, Johns Hopkins University