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Janiece L. Taylor, PhD, MSN, RN

Assistant Professor
Janiece Taylor
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Specialties and Expertise

  • Aging
  • Disabilities
  • Disparities
  • Gerontology
  • Pain/Symptom Management
  • Women's Health


While still in high school in Albuquerque, NM, Janiece Taylor became a licensed practical nurse and volunteered with nursing groups in the area. She also worked in long-term care centers as she attended college, earning bachelor's, master's, and PhD degrees in nursing. Her dissertation focused on predictors of disability among middle-aged and older African-American women with osteoarthritis. Taylor came to the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing on a two-year postdoctoral assignment (gerontological pain and intervention research) and, as faculty, joins the Center for Innovative Care in Aging. “I have a passion for helping aging populations,” she explains. “The aging process, especially when combined with disabilities, is not being researched enough.”

Additional Resources

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  • Publications/Research

    Walker, J.L., Harrison, T.C., Brown, A., Thorpe Jr., R.J., & Szanton, S.L. (2016). "Factors Associated with Disability among Middle-Aged and Older African American Women with Osteoarthritis." Disability and Health Journal.

    Walker, J.L., Thorpe Jr., R.J., Harrison, T.C., Baker, T.A., Cary, M., Szanton, S.L., Allaire, J.C., & Whitfield, K.E. (in press). "The Relationship between Pain, Disability, and Gender in African Americans." Pain Management Nursing.

    Smith, P., Becker, K.L., Roberts, L., Walker, J.L & Szanton, S.L. (in press). "Associations among Pain, Depression, and Functional Limitations in Low-Income Home Dwelling Older Adults: An Analysis of Baseline Data from CAPABLE." Geriatric Nursing.

  • Awards/Honors

    2014 Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Diversity Predoctoral Fellowship

    2012-2014 National Hartford Center of Gerontological Nursing Excellence Patricia G. Archbold Scholarship