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Blackboard Learning Management System


  •  Faculty FAQ
    A list of basic questions faculty tend to ask throughout the semester regarding Blackboard and course content. This document can also be found in the Faculty Resources area of the classroom.
  • Top 10 Blackboard Skills and Resources that Faculty Need for Online Teaching
    An aggregate of the most frequently requested documentation and instructions for navigating the online classroom and course tools.
  • Blackboard Tool Guide
    Helpful guide that lists core Blackboard collaboration and assignment tools, and aligns them with pedagogical achievements in order to help faculty/Instructional Designers determine which tool best fits their needs.
  • SON Collaboration Tools on Blackboard
    Infosheet that outlines tools available at SON which can be used for collaboration, as well as a pros/cons comparison of VoiceThread and Zoom.

Rubrics & Grade Center

  • Blackboard Grade Center FAQ
    A list of basic questions faculty ask most frequently with regards to navigating the Grade Center in Blackboard.
  • Blackboard Grading Rubrics FAQ
    Some basic questions answered about how to grade assignment submissions using a built-in Rubric within the Blackboard Grade Center.
  • SIS Grade Import
    A resource site maintained by Johns Hopkins University Information Systems. The information found here provides faculty with more information on how to submit grades from Blackboard to SIS, and includes a Quick Reference Guide as well as a complete video demonstration of faculty view in SIS.

Training Resources





Microsoft Teams

VoiceOver PowerPoint