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Nancy S. Goldstein, DNP, APN-BC, RNC

Nancy Goldstein
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Nancy Goldstein has been a practicing nurse for over 30 years in the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions and University, caring for patients, participating in research, and educating future nurses. Her main areas of focus have been maternal, child, and women’s health; she has now expanded her scope of practice to adult health and oncology. Over the past several years, Dr. Goldstein has coordinated the student nurse practitioners’ placements for their practicum in the master’s program. Since developing an expertise in teaching with simulation technology, she has served as co-coordinator of the simulation experience in the school’s pediatric course. Dr. Goldstein’s DNP capstone project, “Relationship of Psychosocial Risks and Referrals by Nurses to Birth Outcomes,” focused on healthcare provider assessments and their intervention practices for patients affected by intimate partner violence and mental health disorders in the perinatal period. She is a member of numerous professional organizations including the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric, and Neonatal Nursing (AWHONN) and the Oncology Nursing Society.

Areas of Scholarly Expertise and Interest

OB/GYN; pediatrics; women's health; oncology; simulation
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    Goldstein, N., Hodgson, N., Savage, C. L., Walton-Moss, B. (2015). “Alcohol use and the older adult woman.” Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 11(4), 436-442.

    Gaston-Johansson, F., Haisfield-Wolfe, M. E., Reddick, B., Goldstein, N., & Lawal, T. A. (2013). “The relationships among coping strategies, religious coping, and spirituality in African American women with breast cancer receiving chemotherapy.” Oncology Nursing Forum, 40(2), 120-31.

    Gaston-Johansson, F., Fall-Dickson, J. M., Nanda, J. P., Kenne Sarenmalm, E., Browall, M., & Goldstein, N. (2012). “Long-term effect of the self-management comprehensive coping strategy program on quality of life in patients with breast cancer treated with high-dose chemotherapy.” Psycho-Oncology. Advance online publication.

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    • OB/GYN
    • Pediatrics
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