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Translations – Hill-Bone Scales

The original Hill-Bone Compliance to High Blood Pressure Therapy Scale (HB-HBP) was created and validated in English. Subsequently, the scale has been translated by other researchers and/or practitioners and applied in research and practice in other languages including Arabic, Chinese, German, Korean, Malay, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, and Turkish.

We do not have information to vouch for the validity of any of these translated scales.

Feel free to utilize our dynamic list of publications/presentations to contact other researchers for permission to use their translated versions. The authors of these translated scales may be willing to share psychometric data with you. Should you require assistance in finding a scale translation or contacting the authors/researchers of said studies, feel free to reach out to us; we may be able to assist you in your efforts.

If you decide to perform your own translation of the scale(s), please share a copy of the translated scale with us for public access.