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Obtain the Hill-Bone Scales

You may request to use one or both scales. Please click on the button below to be redirected to the online Permission Request Form. Please note that you will need to designate which scale(s) you would like to use, so that we will provide you with the associated User Manual.


There are three steps to obtain the scales:

  1. Submit the Permission Request Form online

  2. Return the User Permission Agreement via email

  3. Receive the User Manual and Scoring Guide via email

To receive permission to use the scale(s), Complete and Submit the Permission Request Form. We will then email you the User Permission Agreement, which further describes terms of use. The User Permission Agreement specifies that the scale must be referenced in your research and subsequent publications and presentations. To improve scale utility and adoption, please notify us of any resulting publication and provide us with scale translations for public dissemination (if applicable). Once the User Permission Agreement has been completed and returned to us, we will promptly send the scale(s) and respective User Manual(s) and Scoring Guide(s) to you.