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Graduate Research Opportunities

Graduate Research Opportunities

Research Honors Program for MSN: Entry into Nursing Practice Students

Students aspiring to learn more about nursing research have the opportunity to engage in research with experienced scientists on an ongoing research project. No previous experience in research in required.


  • Promote intellectual growth among a diverse group of highly motivated students who aspire to learn more about nursing research

  • Engage students in the ongoing research of SON faculty

  • Create an atmosphere that fosters an appreciation of research and its value to nursing

Admission Criteria

  • Successful completion of the first semester

  • Well-articulated essay addressing current interest and prior experience in research (if any)

  • Successful In-person interview

  • Successful match and interview with Faculty research mentor

Curriculum Requirements

  • Research Elective (1 credit per semester) – Topical seminars to broaden exposure to nursing research

  • Research practicum working on faculty mentor’s program of research for a minimum of 3 hours per week.

  • Completion of a mini-research project and report of the results in a moderated scientific poster session.


  • Full-time JHU faculty with ongoing research and expressed interest in participating in the program.


For questions please contact Dr. Nada Lukkahatai [email protected].