DNP Advanced Practice Scholarships

$45,000 Areas of Expertise Scholarship

Areas of Expertise Scholarships are designed to support nursing students who will advance the field of nursing. Open to students interested in one of the following Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Areas of Expertise; Acute and Chronic Care, Aging, Community and Global Public Health, Gender-based Violence, Infectious Diseases, Mental Health and Behavioral Interventions, Policy, Leadership, and Administration, and Women, Children and Family Health. Excellence Scholars may enroll in any of Johns Hopkins School of Nursing DNP Advanced Practice tracks.  Scholarship provides support for up to ten scholars annually.  The award is $45,000.

The scholarship provides tuition assistance to outstanding individuals who demonstrate academic achievement, innovation, and the potential for significant leadership in their professional practice.

There are 8 scholarship areas:

  • Acute and Chronic Care

  • Aging

  • Community and Global Public Health

  • Gender-based Violence

  • Infectious Diseases

  • Mental Health and Behavioral Interventions

  • Policy, Leadership, and Administration

  • Women, Children and Family Health

To Apply:

  • Submit all application requirements for the DNP Advanced Practice.

  • Submit an additional 500 word essay on how your interests align with one of the highlighted Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Areas of Expertise and how these interests will be enhanced through the DNP Advanced Practice Track. You will receive an email with a link and instructions to upload your essay once you submit your NursingCAS application.

All application and scholarship requirements must be completed by February 1 for consideration.

   Admissions Application           DNP Advanced Practice


Aging Care – The goal of this scholarship is to prepare nurse leaders with the advanced knowledge needed to address the health and health care needs of older adults.

Johns Hopkins resources

Faculty leaders in this area: Sarah Szanton, Jennifer Wenzel, Valerie Cotter, Bryan Hansen, Karan Kverno, Laura Samuel, Katherine Ornstein, Natalie Regier, Rebecca Wright, Janiece Taylor.

Palliative Care and Symptom Management – The goal of this scholarship is to prepare nurse leaders with the advanced knowledge needed to address Palliative Care issues and Symptom Management.

Johns Hopkins resources

  • Monthly School of Nursing Palliative Care Discussion Group

  • Blaustein Pain Grand Rounds
    Fridays at Noon

Faculty leaders in this area:  Cynda Rushton, Shari Lynn, Martha Abshire, Janelle Akomah, Rebecca Wright.

Community and Primary Care – The goal of this scholarship is to prepare nurse leaders with the advanced knowledge needed to address the health care needs in a community or primary care setting.

Johns Hopkins resources

  • SON supports Community based Health Centers; House of Ruth, a shelter for battered women and children; the Lillian D. Wald Community Nursing Center, providing health services at no charge, to low income, uninsured, or underinsured residents and the Isaiah Wellness Center.

  • Henderson Hopkins School – Johns Hopkins University Schools of Nursing and Education form a unique partnership with the city of Baltimore to oversee the curriculum and healthcare at the Henderson Hopkins School. The School of Nursing, through its Health and Wellness Center which serves the entire family unit is located at the school, provides nursing students and faculty opportunities to serve and learn from the community.

Faculty leaders in this area: Jackie Campbell, Nancy Glass, Haera Han, Phyllis Sharps, Jason Farley, Kamila Alexander, Kelly Bower, Yvonne Commodore-Mensah,  Shawna Mudd, Laura Samuel, Brigit VanGraafeiland, Rita D’Aoust,