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Palliative Care Lecture Series:
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Presentations on:

  • Beginning a Career in Palliative Care: A New Nurse’s Perspective

  • Palliative Care: The Population Health Intersection in the 2nd Curve

  • What Science Can’t Explain- Mysteries at the End of Life

  • UNITED in Health Faith and Strength: The Role of the Church in Palliative and End of Life Care

  • What Do ICU Families Know, and When Do They Know It? Trialing Interventions to Help Families Ask, and Doctors Tell

  • Palliative Care: Contemporary Perspectives and Heart Failure as an Exemplar

  • Trends in Palliative Care

  • Palliative Care and Emergency Medicine: A Missed Opportunity?

  • Gaps in the Delivery of Palliative Care in US Hospitals – and One Approach to Filling Them

  • Salt in My Soul: An Unfinished Life by Mallory Smith

  • End of Life Doula Model

  • Palliative Care Patients Who Call 911: An EMT’s Perspective

  • LGBTQ-Inclusive Care at the End of Life: A Professional and Personal Perspective

  • Optimizing Palliative Care Messaging for the Public

  • Serious Illness Care at Home: Supporting the Unexpected Caregiver

  • Debriefing After Difficult Situations

  • Pediatric Palliative Care: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going

Virtual Palliative Care Conference: Palliative Care in COVID-19:
Passcode: SONPalliativecare

Presentations on:

  • Welcome and project introduction

  • Understand Challenges, Progress and Gaps: Nursing Schools Integrating Palliative Care into Education and Practice

  • Communication in Times of Uncertainty

  • Open Discussion: Moving Forward

  • International Panel: Lesson Learned and Health System Development

  • Symptom Management During COVID-19

  • COVID-19: Confronting Ethical Challenges and Cultivating Moral Resilience

Palliative Care 2.0: An Essential Workshop for Today’s Clinician:
Passcode: SONPalliativecare

Presentations on:

  • Primary palliative care and continuum of care

  • Integrating palliative care into practice

  • Palliative care panel discussion

  • Transition to care from hospital to community

  • Shared Decision Making & Having Difficult Conversations

  • Integrative Method of Symptom Management

  • Pain Management

  • Healthcare Providers Burnout

US-Australia Chronic, Aged, and Palliative Care Symposium:
Passcode: SONPalliativecare

Presentations on:

  • An mHealth intervention to improve nurses’ atrial fibrillation and anticoagulation knowledge and practice: the EVICOAG study

  • Establishing a Patient-Centered Emergency Department Palliative Care Program: A Transdisciplinary Approach

  • Chronic, Aged, and Palliative Care Expert Panel

  • The attitudes towards end of life care and palliative care in chronic heart failure: A survey of physicians and nurses

  • Heart Failure Resilience Intervention for Caregivers (HEROIC)

  • Personalize Technology Enhanced Exercise Program to improve Symptoms among patients with Chronic Illnesses

  • Frailty-just about ageing?

Integrating Palliative Care into APRN Practice and Training: What should you know?
Passcode: SONPalliativecare

Presentations on:

  • The role of APRNs in palliative care

  • Integrating symptom assessment and management in your practice

  • Teaching skills for communication and building rapport

  • Loss, grief and bereavement

  • APRN role: when death is near

  • Ethical issues and the role of APRN

Module 8 (Part 1) End of Life Care in the COVID 19 Era

Module 8 (Part 2) Palliative Care in the COVID 19 Era


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