Assessment Management System

AEFIS (Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback, and Intervention System) is an intuitive, user-friendly assessment management platform with eight integrated solutions native to its framework and directly linked to our assessment needs.  Johns Hopkins University has adopted AEFIS as our Assessment Management System.  Effective Spring 2022, JHSON will adopt the AEFIS syllabus management tool to manage course syllabi, and will also help connect program learning outcomes with course learning outcomes and course-based assessments.

GETTING STARTED with the aefis syllabus

The AEFIS system allows course syllabi to be easily imported into online courses. The process allows for instructor review and editing of many parts of the syllabus.  These instructions will bring you up to speed on how to utilize this new functionality.


Click here for AEFIS Instructions



  • Yes, with program director/track coordinator permission, you can be added to the course as an instructor in AEFIS. Please send a ticket to Course Support.

  • Go to my.jh.edu and edit your profile in all fields relevant to your preferred and displayed email addresses.

  • Navigate to the syllabus of your course section, select the export button on right side of the syllabus form header line. We recommend using the “Copy URL” function as it tends to provide the best formatting output.

  • Yes. Click the Save & Exit button. The syllabus will be saved until you return to edit again.

  • Yes. This is the difference between a course syllabus and a section syllabus. The course syllabus is not directly accessible from the your course section. With program director/track coordinator permission, you can be added in AEFIS with the ability to edit the course level syllabus. Please send a ticket to Course Support

  • Resetting the section syllabus will delete the current section syllabus. When a section does not contain a syllabus, clicking the Edit button will create a syllabus based on the course level syllabus. You may want to consider copying from a previous term.

  • You are free to publish the course once the syllabus is complete. Publishing simply makes it available to students when courses open on 1/17. Courses that are not published at that time will not be available to students.
    In the meantime, you may publish and revise as needed. To our knowledge, there are no restrictions on this prior to the term start. It creates a version each time, and you can roll back to a previous version, if needed.

  • Yes. You may copy a syllabus from a previous section that you were listed as an instructor. Please see this short video . If the source course section is not available to you, please send a course support request to Course Support.

  • Only curriculum committee approvaed course objectives may be entered. If your course objectives are missing, please send a course support request to Course Support. Do not enter section level course objectives without prior approval from the program director and curriculum committee.