SNA Member Involvement

In order for students to be in active standing, they must have paid their dues and have been active for three semesters. These semesters do not have to be consecutive. Active members attend two meetings a semester, with the exception of summer, where only one meeting is required. They also volunteer for one event a semester.

To earn a Student Leadership cord (see right), in addition to being an active member, the member must also meet the requirement of twenty ( 20 ) points two weeks before their graduation.

Points work as follows (not limited to these events):

  • 1 point: Meeting (monthly)

  • 2 points: Blood Drives (every semester)

  • 4 points: Children’s House Brunch (monthly)

Points are also taken into consideration for the annual NSNA convention and may be a good indication of your SNA commitment when running for a board position.

Please submit this form one semester before graduation (at the end of your fourth semester), so that cords can be ordered. Otherwise, receiving your cord by your graduation date cannot be guaranteed. If you have not fulfilled your requirements but intend to do so two weeks before you graduate, there is an option to elaborate on the form.