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Get Involved

The SON Alumni Network is invaluable to both students and alumni. Here are several ways to become an active member of the community. Becoming a volunteer is easy, fun, and so much appreciated!

Contact Katie Coleman, Director of Constituent Engagement, for information on roles that are right for you.

Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association

The Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Board continues to build upon the foundation laid by generations of Hopkins nurses, by hosting student and alumni events, sponsoring programs and preserving history. Join the board or a committee today.

Learn more about the Alumni Association


Alumni can make a lasting impact on student success through social and moral support during the student’s educational experience and career transition. Be a trusted guide to help lead, inspire, and motivate students by expanding awareness, sharing insights, and building professional connections. Alumni are invited to serve as mentors on the University platform, OneHop Mentoring. OneHop Mentoring allows for students to quickly search and briefly connect with you through ‘flash-mentoring.’ Join OneHop Mentoring.

The Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association also sponsors a formal mentorship program designed to support advanced practice students including DNP/Advanced Practice and DNP/Executive students. This formal mentorship program is hosted on the OneHop Mentoring platform.

For more information, please contact the Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association at 410-955-4285 or email [email protected].



The Johns Hopkins Nursing Student Affairs team travels the country for prospective student events, and alumni are essential to the recruiting process. Your experiences and advice are a golden ticket. You can be the deciding factor in a student’s decision to join us.

Connect with students

Your experience and insights are valuable to students. Share your experience and answer questions about your career path through alumni panels. Assist students in fine-tuning their interview skills through mock interviews. Or, simply serve as an informal resource to students as they explore different paths in the nursing profession. Connect with Katie Damaroda to express your interests.

Regional Alumni Groups

Located across the country—Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA; New York, NY; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; and elsewhere. Get involved today!

For more opportunities to connect, contact the Johns Hopkins Nurses’ Alumni Association at j[email protected] or 410-955-4285.