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Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Alumni Awards

Nominations are welcome for alumni who have distinguished themselves in one of the award categories offered both by the Johns Hopkins University and the School of Nursing listed below. Nominations are accepted at any time, but must be received by Friday, November 20, 2020 to be considered for the current award cycle. A Nominations Committee comprised of alumni, faculty and administration will make final award decisions.

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The Dean’s Alumni Awards are newly established to honor and recognize outstanding School of Nursing alumni for their varied contributions to healthcare. All attendees of the Johns Hopkins Hospital and University Schools of Nursing are eligible for nomination.        

Award Caregories

  • Outstanding Nurse Researcher
    Honoring an alumna/us whose research, professional achievements and cumulative contributions have brought personal distinction, enhanced the profession, improved the welfare of the general public and brought honor and prestige to his or her field.
  • Outstanding Nurse Educator
    Honoring an alumna/us who demonstrates excellence and innovation in the teaching of nursing.
  • Outstanding Nurse Clinician
    Honoring an alumna/us who demonstrates excellence in nursing care, serves as an advocate for patients, families and/or communities, makes a recognizable difference through his or her practice and embodies the essence of the nursing profession.
  • Outstanding Nurse Leader
    Honoring an alumna/us who demonstrates excellence in nursing advocacy, patient advocacy, administration and leadership; serves as a champion for the nursing profession, actively seeks to improve nursing management, administration and goes above and beyond across the nursing practice continuum.

Johns Hopkins University Alumni Awards

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The Johns Hopkins University Alumni Association presents five prestigious annual awards to honor deserving graduates, professors and friends of Johns Hopkins:

  • Woodrow Wilson Award for Distinguished Government Service
    Honors alumni who have brought credit to the university by their current or recently concluded distinguished public service as elected or appointed officials.

    Previous Winners:

    2003 – Linda Z. Tarr-Whelan ‘60

    2010 – Irma S. Rochlin ‘45

    2016 – Alexis Bakos ‘00

  • Heritage Award
    Honors alumni and friends of Johns Hopkins who have contributed outstanding service over an extended period to the progress of the university or the activities of the Alumni Association

    Previous Winners:

    1996 – Douglas A. Fellman, JHU Trustee, JHSON Advisory Board

    1998 – M. Frances Keen ‘70

    1999 – Barbara Schweizer ‘86

    2008 – Susan E. Appling ‘73

                    Wayne N. Schelle, JHU Trustee, JHSON Advisory Board

    2009 – Sandra S. Angell ‘69

    2010 – Geraldine Peterson ‘64

    2011 – Joan M. Lorenz ‘71

    2016 – Walter Pinkard, Jr., JHU Trustee, JHSON Advisory Board

  • Distinguished Alumnus Award
    Honors alumni who have typified the Johns Hopkins tradition of excellence and brought credit to the university by their personal accomplishment, professional achievement or humanitarian service.

    Previous Winners:

    1980 – Linda Z. Tarr-Whelan ‘60

    1991 – Barbara Donaho ‘56

    1997 – Martha Hill ‘64

    2005 – Sally Sample ‘54

    2006 – Nancy McKelvey ‘64

    2008 – Diane Becker ’64, ’78

                    M. Louise Fitzpatrick ‘63

    2009 – Gertrude J. Hodges ‘59

    2010 – Connie Tolles Siskowski ‘67

                    Jane Ball ’69, ‘74

    2013 – Julia Bolton ‘61

    2015 – Patricia Morton ‘77

    2016 – Jessica Gill ‘07

  • Global Achievement Award
    Honors alumni who exemplify the Johns Hopkins tradition of excellence and have brought credit to the university and their profession in the international arena through their professional achievements or humanitarian service.

    2010 – Nancy Glass ’94, ‘96

  • Outstanding Recent Graduate Award
    Honors recent graduates of Johns Hopkins (within 10 years of graduation) for outstanding achievement or service in their professional or volunteer life.  Support of Johns Hopkins may be a consideration, but not a requirement.

    Previous Winners:

    2011 – Rosa M. Gonzalez-Guarda ’05 (MSN/MPH)

                   Lara Ho ‘00

    2012 – Tresa Dusaj ‘04

    2014 – Keira N. Wickliffe Berger ’05, ’09 (MSN)

    2016 – Kaci Hickox ‘11

  • Community Hero Award
    Recognizes outstanding contributions that address critical social, economic and environmental needs throughout our society and communities, including local communities. Both individuals and groups are eligible. The nominee(s) may be either Johns Hopkins alumni (individual or group) who have impacted any community OR non-alumni (individual or group) who have impacted a Johns Hopkins Institution.

Photos of 2016 Winners

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