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Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program Requirements

Peace Corps Requirements

Paul D. Coverdell Fellows are required to participate in activities associated with the program, including:

Completion of a Community Outreach Course

Completing the course will lead to a service learning experience as part of the Community Outreach Program. The course is offered during the fall semester.

Students will gain a broad perspective on factors affecting the health of underserved communities in urban Baltimore and develop cultural competency skills to work effectively in partnership with Baltimore communities. The course includes issues such as disparities in health and health care, social justice, vulnerable populations, housing, employment, safety, and the environment. In addition, specific Baltimore community health interventons for selected aggregates are presented with emphasis on health promotion. Students will learn about local community agencies and resources.

Working in a Community Outreach Program Site

Participating in the Community Outreach Program enables RPCV Fellows to work in the underserved communities of East Baltimore and fulfill the 3rd goal of Peace Corps: “to help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.” At a Community Outreach Program site, fellows may be paid a stipend for their service or can participate as a volunteer.

Participation in Program Activities

Throughout the academic nursing program, fellows participate in fun and programmatic extracurricular activities. For example, Fellows lead an “Around the World, Honoring Diversity Week” during Peace Corps Week, which is held each year during the week of March 1st.

During Honoring Diversity Week, students share their international experiences and also invite guests to support the diversity theme. In 2005, guests included Tibetan monks, African dancers and drummers, and local Baltimore schoolchildren performing break-dancing. This event has been so successful that other schools within the University are adopting the concept.

Fellows also attend regularly scheduled dinners with the Fellows group; leadership development opportunities; mentoring meetings; recruitment activities; Peace Corps Domestic Programs activities; and other related Program activities. Additionally, at least one person in each class will be selected as the Fellows liaison with the Fellows Program Coordinator.