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Online Services

Accessing Your Online Financial Aid Record

  1. Review the FAQ's below to assist you in understanding the data provided in your record.
  2. Navigate to or, for new users, https://ISIS.JHU.EDU//Newuser
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the authentication process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a JHED ID and how do I get one?

    A JHED login ID is a unique identifier for your information in the JHU Enterprise Directory. All students are automatically assigned a JHED ID upon enrollment. You can use your JHED ID to gain remote access to a number of JHU services, such as financial aid and billing. It should not be confused with any barcodes on your various ID cards.

    If you don't know your login ID, visit to look yourself up by name and do a "first-time login" to obtain a password.

  • How do I access my financial aid records?

    Once you have logged in to ISIS, you will have an option to select one of three "roles."

    • Financial Aid - to view your financial aid record
    • Billing - to view your student account information
    • Registration - to view your enrollment record

    Students with aid records for more than 1 year may, during certain periods, be required to also select which years' record they wish to view.

  • How do I find out if Hopkins received my forms?
    Select the "Requirements" menu. This menu will display your "Requirements" screen. Requirements are the documents required to apply for financial aid. Example requirements include the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), tax returns, etc. Requirements not marked as complete or waived must be submitted in order to complete your application.
  • How do I view, accept or decline my financial aid?

    There are 3 menus related to your financial aid awards:

    • Aid Summary - displays your financial aid status, an estimate of your cost of attendance and the sum of your awards

    • Aid Information - displays your financial aid awards. Students should ACCEPT or DECLINE each award. If your financial aid package includes a student loan, and you wish to borrow a lesser amount than what is listed, contact the Financial Aid Office.

    • Disbursement Information - displays all disbursement records associated with your financial aid awards. The scheduled date is the date on which the funds will be credited to your student account. If there is a value in the credited date field, the funds have been disbursed to your student account.

    NOTE: Aid awards prefaced as "anticipated" require additional processing before disbursement. Also, Federal Work-Study awards must be earned. They do not disburse to your account.

  • How is financial aid status defined?

    The financial aid office assigns every student a status. This value is used to track the progression of your file from application to disbursement. Definitions appear below:

    • APPLICANT - A record exists for you in the financial aid system, however, no application materials are on file.

    • ISIR IN - Processed FAFSA data has been received.

    • APP COMPLETE - All required application materials for file review and awarding have been received. Note that there may be additional documents outstanding that will be required to finalize your award. Signed electronic promissory notes are an example.

    • FILE COMPLETE - All required documents have been received. Your aid will disburse as scheduled. Loan funds however will not disburse if you have not signed the required promissory note(s). Check the status of your requirements to determine if there are any outstanding promissory notes.

  • What information is on the Message Board?
    The Message Board contains information pertinent to the system or the data in your record. You should check the Message Board periodically for any recent updates.