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Admissions team's blog/vlog

Learn about the application process for JHSON programs with tips to make your application stand out.  Also, check out our admissions team's blog/vlog here!

View the admissions team's blog/vlog


Admissions Workshops

View past recordings here, register for current workshops on our virtual information session page!

Understanding Financial Aid (MSN Entry into Nursing)

Understanding Financial Aid (Doctoral Programs)

Submitted your Application-- What's Next? (Advanced Programs)

Applications, Deadlines, Decisions: Oh My! How to keep it all on track (all programs)

Transitioning from EMT to Nursing

Interview Tips for DNP Executive and PhD Students

MSN Entry into Nursing Written Essay and Virtual Interview/Video Essay Tips

Tips to Complete Your Application (DNP Advanced Practice, MSN Healthcare Organizational Leadership, MSN HOL/MBA, Post-Degree Certificates)

Application Advice and Panozzo's Pointers (all programs)

Men in Nursing- Alumni Spotlight

I've Been Out of School for 10 Years or More, Can I Do This?

Next Steps in Nursing

Navigating NursingCAS (all programs)

Being a Nurse/Nursing Student- Finding Life Balance

Your Next Professional Step, Master's Entry directly into MSN Specialty/DNP Advanced Practice Programs, the Right Path for You?

Clinical Placement Workshop for DNP CNS and NP Students

The Scholarly Project (DNP Executive Tracks)

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Gloria Ramsey, Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Navigating NursingCAS (MSN Entry into Nursing Applicants)

Interview Tips for DNP Advanced Practice, MSN Specialty, and Post-Master's Certificate Programs

Explore the Role of the Organizational Mentor for the DNP Executive Tracks

PhD or DNP/PhD Tips and Tricks for a Strong Application

DNP AP, MSN Specialties and PM Certificates- Writing a Focused Essay

Tips and Tricks for a Strong Application (DNP Executive Tracks)

MSN Entry into Nursing Tips to Writing a Captivating Essay

Tips to Complete Your Application (DNP AP, MSN Specialties and PM Certificates)