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Tuition Cost
  • $350 per credit

Total: $1,050 per 3 credit course

Nutrition (NR.110.200)

Course Description

The Nutrition course will cover the science and fundamentals of human nutrition. Topics covered include nutritional requirements related to changing individual and family needs, food choices, health
behaviors, food safety, prevention of chronic disease and nutrition-related public health in the United States and globally. (3 credits)

SAMPLE Course Syllabus (pdf download)
Note: This is a SAMPLE course syllabus and does not necessarily reflect the most recent version of the course syllabus. Do not order the textbook found on this sample syllabus. For further information regarding materials for this course, please visit the Prerequisite Textbook Information page

Course Outcomes

  1. Know the six classes of nutrients and explain their role as it relates to promoting optimal health, information on food labels, and the accuracy of statements made in popular media about nutrition.
  2. Relate the importance of good nutrition to different stages in human development and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Determine, compare and contrast the nutritional value of current eating habits to current recommendations and propose modifications to reduce the risk for developing chronic diseases.
  4. Identify strategies to eating a healthy diet in different cultural and environmental settings.

Required Textbook

For further information regarding materials for this course, please visit the Prerequisite Textbook

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