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  • $350 per credit

Total: $1,050 per 3 credit course

Biostatistics (NR.110.202)

Biostatistics (NR.110.202)

Course Description

The Biostatistics course provides an introduction to the basic concepts of statistical ideas and methods that aims to equip students to carry out common statistical procedures and to follow statistical reasoning in their fields of study. Principles of measurement, data summarization, and univariate and bivariate statistics are examined. Emphasis is placed on the application of fundamental concepts to real world situations. (3 credits)

SAMPLE Course Syllabus (pdf download)
Note: This is a SAMPLE course syllabus and does not necessarily reflect the most recent version of the course syllabus. Do not order the textbook found on this sample syllabus. For further information regarding materials for this course, please visit the Prerequisite Textbook Information page

Course Outcomes

  1. Summarize and interpret data visually through appropriate statistical graphs.
  2. Describe density curves and the properties of the normal distributions.
  3. Examine correlations and linear relationships of explanatory and response variables.
  4. Describe sampling distributions and the central limit theorem.
  5. Discuss statistical inference using confidence intervals and tests of significance.
  6. Explain the differences among various statistical techniques and identify an appropriate technique for a given set of variables and research questions.

Required Textbook

For further information regarding materials for this course, please visit the Prerequisite Textbook

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