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Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Advisory Board

Promoting the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing’s goals and missions is of the utmost importance to making an impact on nursing, both locally and globally. The Nursing Advisory Board (NAB) does just that—advocating for the interests of the school to make it one of the best learning centers in the world. The NAB serves as a source of advice and support to the Dean and brings diverse insights and expertise to bear on issues critical to the global success of the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.


Natalie F. Bush, MSN, RNNatalie F. Bush, MSN, RN

Marianne AndreachMarianne Andreach
Deborah (Deb) Baker, DNP ’11, MSN ’97, Accel. ’92, CRNPDeborah Baker, DNP, MSN, CRNP,
(SON) '92, '97, '1
Senior Vice President of Nursing
Johns Hopkins Health System
Jane W. Ball, DrPH, MPH, RNJane W. Ball, DrPH, MPH, RN
(SON)'69, '73, (SPH) '78, '80

American College of Surgeons
Edward J. Benz Jr., MDEdward J. Benz Jr., MD
President and CEO Emeritus
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Keith Boettiger

Keith Boettiger, (SON) '96
Abbott Heart Failure

Karen Combs Karen Combs, (SON) '70
Bowers EspyBowers Espy
Retired Managing Director
Merrill Lynch
Ryan FrederickRyan Frederick
Founder and CEO
Smart Living 360
Deborah Haight Deborah Haight, (SON) '10
David Hellmann, MD, (SOM) '66David Hellmann, MD, MACP (SOM) '66
Aliki Perroti Professor of Medicine
Johns Hopkins  University School
of Medicine
Director of the Johns Hopkins
University Center for Innovative
Medicine (CIM)
JoAnn IoannouJoAnn Ioannou, DNP, MBA, RN,
(SON) '05, '09

Senior Advisor to the
President for Strategy

Johns Hopkins Health System
Christian JohanssonChristian Johansson
Chairman and Owner
Stella May Contracting
C. Anthony JonesC. Anthony “Tony” Jones, MD
(SOM) ’92

Founder & CEO, Frontive, Inc.
Maureen Y. Lichtveld, MD, MPHMaureen Y. Lichtveld, MD, MPH, (SPH) '86
Dean, School of Public Health,
Environmental and
Occupational Health, Jonas Salk Chair
in Population Health
, School of Public
Health University of Pittsburgh
 Anthony F. LorenzoAnthony F. Lorenzo, (KSAS) '93
Blickman Industries
Leslie Mancuso, PhD, RN, FAANLeslie Mancuso, PhD, RN, FAAN
President and CEO
Alison P. Smith, MPH, BA, BSN ’93, RNAlison P. Smith, MPH, BA, BSN, RN,
(SON) '93

Program Director, Target: BP
American Heart Association
American Medical Association
Kimberly SpiroKimberly Spiro
Kimberly Spiro Photography
Jane Webster, A&S ’94Jane Webster, (KSAS) '94
Rx Bandz MiniJectTM and ScopeBug
Laura J. Wood, DNP, MS, RNLaura J. Wood, DNP, MS, RN, (SON) '14
Executive Vice President,
Patient Care Operations and
System Chief Nursing Officer
Sporing Carpenter Chair for Nursing
Boston Children’s Hospital

Chair Emeritus

Walter D. (Wally) Pinkard, Jr.Walter D. (Wally) Pinkard, Jr.*
Chair Emeritus

Senior Advisor
Cushman & Wakefield   


Gerry Peterson, MA, RN
Past President
JHU Alumni Association

Honorary Members

Ernest A. Bates, MD
Chairman and CEO
American Shared Hospital Services, Inc.

Claire M. Fagin, PhD, RN, FAAN
Professor and Dean Emerita
University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

*University Trustee Emeritus