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Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Staff Assembly


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JHSON Staff Assembly

The School of Nursing’s Staff Assembly is comprised of staff elected by the staff members of the School. This body, recognized by School leadership, provides a mechanism for staff members to participate more effectively in the School’s deliberations and governance, and it facilitates communication about staff-related issues between different offices and departments of our School. The Staff Assembly offers a way for all the School staff to elect representatives that they empower to advocate on their behalf within the School. Each staff person is represented in the Assembly by an elected member of their administrative office (i.e., each department and office elects one Representative), and staff may vote on at least one other At-Large candidate who represents a perspective with which they identify (i.e., job function, work location, etc.). The Staff Assembly is empowered to contribute input and perspectives to decisions that are made ultimately by the leadership of the School.

Mission Statement

As a representative of the collective and diverse voices of staff members at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, the staff assembly seeks to promote the interests and welfare of staff by providing input to the decision-making process on issues impacting staff. The staff assembly is dedicated to promoting staff involvement on campus and in the community, providing opportunities that enrich staff experiences, and encouraging a positive work environment.  


The Staff Assembly represents the interests of the School of Nursing’s staff members in order to strengthen relationships with students, faculty, and administration and to cultivate a climate that promotes and empowers staff participation in shared governance. The Assembly serves as a vehicle for professional growth and comradery across the School of Nursing. The Assembly models and demonstrates shared values and mindsets, including respect; true representation of diverse needs; trustworthiness; accountability; solutions and service orientation; creativity; proactive participation; collaboration; and thoughtful planning, execution, and reporting.


For questions, please contact the Staff Assembly at [email protected].

Members of the JHSON community can find more information, a list of current officers and members, and Staff Assembly Bylaws on the School’s Staff Assembly: