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Post-Degree Options

Post-Degree in Nursing

Post-degree certificates allow for life-long learning and offer an opportunity for further specialization in a field. A gap analysis will be undertaken for each applicant, when applicable to the certificate, to determine which courses must be completed at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

Nurse Practitioner (Post-Graduate)

The Johns Hopkins Nurse Practitioner certificates couple nursing theory with evidence-based clinical experiences. Choose a certificate that focuses on the population of your choice: psychiatric, pediatric, adult-geriatric, or acutely and critically ill patients. With access to unparalleled Hopkins resources, you’ll be able to integrate the biomedical, psychological, social, and nursing aspects of care. World renowned faculty have developed curricula and clinical experiences at diverse outpatient and community sites to ensure that you’ll receive a well-rounded education in comprehensive, coordinated care. By earning a certificate you’ll develop and apply your assessment, diagnostic, and treatment skills to improve health among your favorite patient population.

Certificate Options

Clinical Nurse Specialist (Post-Graduate)

Expand your nursing expertise in adult or child health with a Johns Hopkins Clinical Nurse Specialist post-graduate certificate. You’ll build competencies in clinical theory and research-based nursing practice, and you’ll put your new skills to use delivering direct patient care, organizing resources while controlling costs, and educating nurses to improve healthcare delivery systems. With the program’s broad education and holistic approach, you can experience professional roles as varied as your interests—expert clinician, clinical leader, staff or academic educator, consultant, or researcher. 

Certificate Options

  • Adult-Gerontological Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist Certificate
  • Adult-Gerontological Health Clinical Nurse Specialist Certificate
  • Pediatric Critical CarClinical Nurse Specialist Certificate

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Nurse Educator Certificate (Post-Graduate)

The Nurse Educator Certificate at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing enables experienced professional nurses to combine their clinical expertise with a passion for teaching. If you have a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing and a desire to help develop a nursing workforce committed to healthcare quality and safety, this graduate certificate program provides the opportunity to take the next, perhaps most rewarding, step in your career.

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HIV Primary Care (Post-Baccalaureate)

Patients living with HIV deserve the best culturally and clinically competent primary care, like that provided by nurse practitioners who complete the HIV Primary Care Certificate. Students enrolled in the MSN Adult-Gerontological Primary Care Nurse Practitioner or MPH/MSN with an Adult-Gerontological Primary Care Nurse Practitioner focus program have the option to add on this HIV course curriculum.

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