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About Us


Mission & Goals


The mission of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing is to improve the health of individuals and diverse communities locally and globally through leadership and excellence in nursing education, research, practice, and service.

The academic rigor of our programs, the extraordinary nursing scholarship of our faculty, and our reputation for shaping nursing graduates who are leaders in their profession position us as one of the top nursing schools in the U.S.

Strategic Plan


To enhance EXCELLENCE in research, teaching, and practice

  • Advance student-centered and evidence-based teaching and learning
  • Create and disseminate scholarship of teaching, practice, and research
  • Lead innovation in application of emerging technologies
  • Achieve recognition for selected areas of excellence
  • Launch high-impact interprofessional initiatives


To cultivate an environment that embodies the School of Nursing VALUES of excellence, respect, diversity, integrity, and accountability

  • Foster a culture of commitment to and achievement of the JHU and SON goals
  • Champion and garner support for students, faculty, and staff
  • Attract and retain an increasingly diverse leadership team, faculty, students, and staff
  • Facilitate teamwork and empower individuals to maximize their talents and expertise to meet the needs of the school


To position Johns Hopkins Nursing as a GLOBAL leader in nursing and health care

  • Lead strategic and effective global initiatives
  • Optimize global experiences for students and faculty
  • Leverage and expand the reach and impact of the Johns Hopkins brand


To achieve planned GROWTH that is strategically driven, innovative, and financially sound

  • Diversify and expand financial base to enable innovation and investment
  • Expand campus facilities that support achievement of strategic goals
  • Strategically increase enrollments to address market demands and societal needs
  • Optimize collaboration with the university and other partners, supporters, and alumni

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Founded as the Johns Hopkins Hospital Training School for Nurses

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