5 Reasons to Get Your PhD in Nursing at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

5 Reasons to Get Your PhD in Nursing at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

Written by Deb Driscoll

If the next step in your professional journey is a PhD in Nursing, Johns Hopkins may be a good fit. Graduates advance the theoretical foundation of nursing practice and health care delivery; they assume a leadership role in nursing and in the broader arena of health care.

Prospective scholars looking to transform the discipline, here are 5 reasons Johns Hopkins School of Nursing should be at the top of your list.


#1: Research requires funding, and Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Ranks No. 1 in funding from NIH.

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Ranks No. 1 in NIH Funding

Research takes money (a lot of money!) so you want to make sure the school you select—and your faculty mentor—has a strong track record in obtaining funding. Check out faculty you are interested in working with and view their grant-writing history. And even better, part of our curriculum is specifically targeted towards teaching students to write and submit a successful grant application.


#2: You get to work with world leaders among the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing faculty—and the world leaders in other Johns Hopkins schools, too.

Our faculty are amazingly supportive and accessible to students, and PhD students at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing have access to top tier faculty across all schools at Johns Hopkins University. What’s more, many collaborate with faculty at the School of Medicine, School of Public Health, and the School of Engineering to name a few (there is even an engineering grant that supports students with their PhD work!). The most valuable resource at any school is knowledge, and at Johns Hopkins you will have access to cutting edge research being done in a variety of areas. 

Review your faculty mentor assignment and reach out to that person before committing to a school—this relationship will be key in your success and experience as a PhD student.

Meet Faculty at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing


#3 You will have access to state-of-the-art facilities, libraries, and research infrastructure.

When you are doing research, you need resources! As a research institution, Johns Hopkins ensures PhD students have the support of libraries with unlimited access and help from people well-versed in the research process, all of which is backed by institutional infrastructure developed specifically to support the research process.

Explore Research at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing


#4 Johns Hopkins has a world-renowned global health footprint.

If you have a passion for global health and humanitarian work, connect with change-makers from Johns Hopkins—they have an impact all over the world.  Many faculty have their own international research projects in progress that you can join! 

Explore Community, Global, and Public Health at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing


#5 Diversity, equity, and inclusion is baked into the Johns Hopkins approach to theoretical, methodological, and analytical training.

A strong background in theory, methods and analysis will prepare you to be a successful researcher.  At Johns Hopkins, a part of that is our commitment to embracing diversity, and incorporating a social determinants of health perspective into all PhD dissertation analyses. From local to global populations, our leadership is committed to an academic atmosphere that supports and respects underserved populations.

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Values: Diversity, Inclusion & Community


Ready to apply?

Applications open in August 2021 for the fall 2022 PhD in Nursing cohort at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. These resources can help you put together a strong application.  


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Deb Driscoll is Assistant Director of Recruitment for the DNP Executive TrackDNP/MBAPhD, and DNP/PhD programs at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. She has worked in higher education since 2008, and at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing since 2017. Born in Valencia, Spain, she is lawyer by education and a member of the Maryland State Bar Association. She believes strongly in the personal connection that is the hallmark of the ‘Johns Hopkins Experience’ and encourages nurses interested in Johns Hopkins School of Nursing graduate programs to reach out to her directly at 410-502-4132, [email protected], on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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