Putting Your Finishing Touches on Your Application

Putting Your Finishing Touches on Your Application

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With the application deadline quickly approaching, it is important to put the finishing touches on your application to ensure a smooth submission process. Use these tips to put your best foot forward in the admissions process.

Review the Program FAQ

This section of the program webpage was carefully curated to ensure you have answers to the most commonly asked questions during the admission process. Here, you can find information about the types of references and the crucial information to include on your resume. You will also find information about the program that may help you better understand its structure.

Ensure Completed References

To have a completed application, you will want to have three references. Be sure that you are periodically checking the reference section of the application to confirm the submission of reference letters.

Transcripts and Course Entry

This step in the application process can be tedious. You may opt to have the course entry completed by NursingCAS’ Professional Transcript Entry or may opt to complete this section yourself. However, transcripts must be received officially by NursingCAS for your application to be considered complete. Checking your NursingCAS portal for the delivery of all transcripts will be vital to process your application.

Foreign Evaluations

The delivery of Foreign Evaluations to NursingCAS, if applicable, is required if you have completed education outside of the United States (with the exception of English-speaking Canada). Credits must be evaluated by World Education Services, Educational Credential Evaluators, Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools, or SpanTran with a course-by-course evaluation.

Statement of Purpose/Essay Question(s)

The statement of purpose or essay question(s) allows the Admissions Committee to better understand your interest in your specific program. You will want to be sure this has been proofread and added to the designated section of the application.

KIRA Assessment (MSN Entry Into Nursing Applicants Only)

KIRA Assessment is a fun and exciting way for you to showcase aspects of your application further through a virtual interview. This component of the application must be completed to submit your application. For more insight on this component of the application, feel free to review the Tips for Virtual Interview/Video Essay with Current MSN Entry into Nursing Students Workshop recording.

Submission of Your Application

You can submit your application while still waiting for your transcripts and reference letters to be received by NursingCAS. As a reminder, all transcripts and reference letters should be submitted directly to NursingCAS. You will want to check the status of your application on the NursingCAS application portal to ensure documents have been received and successfully uploaded. Lastly, you will want to confirm that your application status is verified after verification of your application from NursingCAS. Continue to be on the lookout for email communications from the School of Nursing regarding interview notification (if applicable) or any additional information/documentation needed for your application.

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Admissions Talks is a series by the admissions team at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Hopkins nurses are full partners and leaders in the health care process, and their role in patient care is unmatched. The admissions team is here to offer advice and guidance on how to be a competitive applicant. 

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