Admissions Talks: Top 10 Things You Can Do This Summer to Prepare Your Fall Application

Admissions Talks: Top 10 Things You Can Do This Summer to Prepare Your Fall Application

Summer is just about upon us. In Baltimore, we’re ready for sunny days, snowballs, crabs, time by the water… maybe a hike through the mountains (ok hills, west coasters).  

Beyond getting some R&R, we’re also preparing for the next academic year. If you are too, and your plans include taking the next academic step of your nursing professional journey at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, here are some tips to prepare yourself for next application cycle. 


#1 Mark your calendar for mid-August, when the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing applications open on NursingCAS.

NursingCAS is the centralized application service for schools of nursing. Note the application deadlines for your program of interest, plan to hit the early deadlines, and don’t be afraid to submit your application in advance of those deadlines.


#2 Start early

Everything is taking a little longer now, so give yourself plenty of time to complete the application process, give your recommenders plenty of time to complete recommendations, give your schools plenty of time to submit your official transcripts.

Remember, we require ALL official transcripts, even if you transferred just one or two classes. Make a list of all those schools now so you’re ready to request them when the application opens.


#3 Reconnect

Speaking of recommenders… maybe it’s been a while since you’ve connected. This could be a great time to catch up virtually over coffee.


#4 Start your prerequisites early

If you have some time on your hands, complete as many of your prerequisites as possible. If you’ve finished them, review the material so you can be prepared for the initial core courses in your nursing program.


#5 Update your resume

Clean up your resume or CV.  Make sure it is up-to-date, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and inclusive of your educational and professional accomplishments.  Don’t forget to include any volunteer work, research experience, or other committee/organization work that might help reviewers get a sense of your leadership experience and commitment to community.


#6 Get creative to find volunteer opportunities

If you’re getting ready to take that first step to become a nurse and are looking for opportunities to gain some experience, you may find that traditional pre-nursing experiences like shadowing and volunteering have been a little harder to find since COVID.

Get creative! Think about other ways you can connect and support vulnerable populations. Is there virtual work or a hotline you could support? The pandemic provides opportunities to care—clinics are often looking for volunteers, contact tracing for instance. 


#7 Explore JHSON’s new home

Have you heard the news?  We have a new building awaiting us with 41,000 square feet of additional space dedicated to a collaborative learning environment.  Get a sneak peek here


#8 Explore faculty areas of expertise at JHSON

In addition to an amazing group of students, we have a truly amazing group of faculty, too. Particularly if you’re thinking about a research fit, you should check out our online faculty directory here. You can search by their expertise and check out their CVs. We have cardiovascular, aging, public health, end-of-life, health disparities, infectious disease, and violence experts, just to name a few. 


#9 Get to know Baltimore

If you’re considering one of our full-time, campus-based programs you may want to get to know Baltimore a bit better. We can’t wait to restart our in-person interactions, but until then get to know us virtually with our Charm City Check-In video series, built in summer 2020.  These videos take a look at some of the many neighborhoods in Baltimore (also known as Charm City).  Check them out here!


#10 Ten more things about Baltimore

  1. Our mascots are all birds! Blue Jays, Ravens and Orioles.  Invest in something Hopkins Blue, Orioles Orange or Ravens Purple.
  2. Enjoy a snowball (you may know them as snow cones), one of our favorite summer treats! 
  3. We’re famous for Maryland crabs. Check out G&M and Faidley’s, who can ship you crabcakes. 
  4. Read something by a Baltimore native or Hopkins alum: Edgar Allan Poe, Frederick Douglass, Dashiell Hammett, Gertrude Stein, W.E.B. Du Bois, Anne Tyler or Zora Neale Hurston. 
  5. Listen to Baltimore native Billie Holiday or Tori Amos, a student of the Johns Hopkins Peabody Institute.
  6. Watch something directed by John Waters, Barry Levinson or David Simon, or starring Jada Pinkett Smith, Julie Bowen, John Astin or Mike Rowe.
  7. Berger Cookies.  If you don’t know what they are, Google them.  If you love chocolate, you won’t be disappointed. And they deliver! 
  8. DIY a lemon stick, another of our favorite seasonal treats! Cut a fresh lemon, grab a small peppermint stick and insert in the middle, then sip and enjoy! 
  9. Baltimore is perfectly located—we’re two and a half hours from the Atlantic Ocean, and two and a half hours from the Appalachian Mountains, an hour from Washington, DC, two hours from Philadelphia, and three from New York City. 
  10. Email our office and ask for Sharon aka “Miss Baltimore” as Dean Davidson would call her. She will be able to answer all of your Baltimore questions for sure!

Don’t be a stranger this summer! Reach out to our admissions team (see our contact info here).  Or, join an admissions officer for open office hours (we call this “Chat & Chew”) over Zoom Monday through Friday from Noon to 1 p.m. ET.  You can find login details here


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Admissions Talks is a series by the admissions team at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Hopkins nurses are full partners and leaders in the health care process, and their role in patient care is unmatched. The admissions team is here to offer advice and guidance on how to be a competitive applicant. Admissions & Financial Aid at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

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Cathy Wilson is the Director of Recruitment at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. She can help you navigate your nursing journey, contact her at  410-955-7548 or [email protected].

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