Incoming Students, Here’s What to Do While You Wait for the MSN (Entry Into Nursing) Program to Begin

Incoming Students, Here’s What to Do While You Wait for the MSN (Entry Into Nursing) Program to Begin

You’ve made your decision, paid your deposit, and you are officially on your way to becoming a Hopkins nurse!

So… now what?

Let’s start with a big congratulations! Making a decision about your future is not an easy task, and it requires a lot of thought and reflection. Sometimes, this step is more arduous than the application process itself! Give yourself a moment to revel in the excitement of this stage of your journey.

The next couple of months will undoubtedly be filled with nervous excitement and lots of questions. So here are some things to keep in mind as the start of your program inches closer.


Compliance Requirements

This is a very important step in your transition to nursing school. Our wonderful Student Affairs Office will send out instructions on how to access the CastleBranch system a couple of months before the semester starts. It is up to you to complete all requirements by the deadline. You must be compliant to participate in clinical activities, so as soon as you get information about access, you will want to start working on your to-do list.


Conditional Requirements

If your acceptance letter came with a second page that had conditional requirements you still need to complete, don’t forget that we will need proof of completion before orientation. Once final grades are posted, degrees are conferred, or other required documentation is available, please make sure to send the admissions office an official copy.


Registration and Books

Nothing for you to worry about here! We will get you registered for your first semester in August and you will be emailed a book list when everything is set.


Information Review

If you are really itching to prepare further, it is always helpful to review materials from the prerequisite courses so the information is fresh in your mind. Our faculty suggest paying particular attention to Anatomy and Physiology.



I know this sounds hard, but, you also need to give yourself permission to enjoy some of your free time before the program starts. Is there a book you have been meaning to read? A camping trip you want to take with friends? A trail you want to hike with your family? Read the book. Make the plans. Hike the trail. You will be busy in the program, so take the time before your cohort starts to do what fills your cup with the important people in your life.

Your journey will begin before you know it, and it will end far sooner than you imagine. We are so excited you have chosen Johns Hopkins School of Nursing for your nursing degree, and we look forward to the time we can congratulate you in person!


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Laura Panozzo is the Assistant Director for MSN (Entry into Nursing) Recruitment at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. She can help you take the leap into nursing, contact her at 443-287-7430 or [email protected].

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