Admissions Talks: You’ve Been Admitted to a Johns Hopkins DNP Executive track! Now What?

Admissions Talks: You’ve Been Admitted to a Johns Hopkins DNP Executive track! Now What?

Written by Deb Driscoll

Congratulations on this milestone of your journey! Here’s what happens next.

Once you submit your deposit, you should be able to set up your student “JHED” ID and check your Johns Hopkins email address within 48 hours.  Do this as soon as you can, and check your Johns Hopkins email frequently as many of the emails about next steps will go there.

Meet your cohort

Once I am notified that your deposit has been processed, I will reach out to you for permission to share your email address and location with the rest of the admitted students.  I send group introduction emails to all students I get permission from – this is a great way to start connecting with other new students in the DNP Executive tracks. 

You’ll also meet (via email) two new VIPs in your life – Megan Barrett, the Director of our Student Affairs Office, and Denise Rucker, the Academic Program Administrator for the DNP Executive programs.

Here’s what else you need to know

  • Castlebranch: All students must undergo a background check and immunization confirmation through Castlebranch.  When you get your Castlebranch information, make sure you start after the date identified in your letter (for 2021 that date is March 1, 2021 and all compliance is due by May 1).
  • Orientation: In March, you will receive information about the online orientation in Blackboard. Learn more about online orientation here.
  • Registration and Books: You don’t need to do anything to Register. Denise Rucker will be in touch when it’s time for registration with instructions. Your book list should be available for you at the beginning of May.
  • Online Student Forum: There will be an online Student Forum in April for the incoming classes.  This will be a great opportunity to ask questions, speak with the Program Director and Denise Rucker, and virtually connect with the other incoming students.  Denise will let you know when that is scheduled.
  • Financial Aid: Complete the FAFSA if you are applying for loans. There are also myriad of loan repayment options available to nurses. They consist of federal and state programs. As an example, students may apply for the Nurse Faculty Loan Program which provides 85 percent loan forgiveness for participants.
  • More information on the NFLP
    • Contact the Financial Aid Office to set up an appointment to learn more about the FAFSA and loan forgiveness options at [email protected].
  • If you owe me an official biostatistics transcript or Verification of Clinical Hours, please make sure you get that to me before the end of April.  Those can be emailed to [email protected].

I hope you are excited about this next step in your journey to the DNP Executive tracks at Johns Hopkins. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns, or if there is anything I can do to help!

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Deb Driscoll is Assistant Director of Recruitment for the DNP Executive TrackDNP/MBAPhD, and DNP/PhD programs at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. She has worked in higher education since 2008, and at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing since 2017. Born in Valencia, Spain, she is lawyer by education and a member of the Maryland State Bar Association. She believes strongly in the personal connection that is the hallmark of the ‘Johns Hopkins Experience’ and encourages nurses interested in Johns Hopkins School of Nursing graduate programs to reach out to her directly at 410-502-4132, [email protected], on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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