The Ideal MSN (Entry Into Nursing) Applicant Has 1 Thing

The Ideal MSN (Entry Into Nursing) Applicant Has 1 Thing


“Am I even an ideal candidate for the MSN (Entry into Nursing) program?”

If there is one thing we are looking for from each candidate, it’s passion. A passion to provide quality care with the clinical skills you will develop, and to support patients emotionally by cheering them on through the sometimes-small steps of progress.

Beyond that, the MSN (Entry into Nursing) program at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is a robustly diverse collection of students who come from a variety of racial, ethnic, and gender backgrounds, and who have different professional and academic experiences and interests. We truly embrace the holistic approach to the review process as each and every one of you is unique and different in your own way.

See, we don’t want you to put your application together to fit what you think we are looking for in a candidate. We want your application to celebrate all the wonderful things you have done and showcase the skills and assets you are going to bring to the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and to your future career as a nurse. Because all your experiences and interests matter to us (health care related or not) and they show us a more complete picture of who you are as a human and not just a student.

We want Hopkins Nurses to reflect the diverse patient population that they will serve so quality care becomes the norm, and we want you to be passionate about your patients.

We want you in your most honest form, in the same way you will show up to work as a nurse every day. So there is no blueprint for an ideal candidate, and we prefer it that way!


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Admissions Talks is a series by the admissions team at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Hopkins nurses are full partners and leaders in the health care process, and their role in patient care is unmatched. The admissions team is here to offer advice and guidance on how to be a competitive applicant. Admissions & Financial Aid at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing


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Laura Panozzo is the Assistant Director for MSN (Entry into Nursing) Recruitment at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. She can help you take the leap into nursing, contact her at 443-287-7430 or [email protected].

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