Strong Preceptors Build Strong Nurses

Sydnee Logan
By Sydnee Logan  | 
Strong Preceptors Build Strong Nurses

“The strength of our program depends on strong preceptors,” said Dean Patricia Davidson at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing’s annual preceptor appreciation reception. “Thank you for shaping the next generation of nurses.”

Preceptors help the next generation of nurses translate classroom learning into hands-on patient care.  At the same time, preceptors develop their own teaching and mentoring skills, and may even be encouraged to pursue an advanced degree.

At last night’s gathering there were several new preceptors being honored along with their preceptors. Here’s preceptor Amy Burrell with her preceptors, she trained for her BSN with Dr. Susan Renda and for her MSN with Marianne Fingerhood.


Similarly, nurse Nina Desell, left, was preceptor for Celia Bardoff, right, and both have been preceptors now for over 15 years. They shared what they love about precepting:

“I love the students’ fresh ideas,” said Celia. Nina said, “I love watching them gain confidence in practice.”

The night’s speakers included Dr. Marie Nolan, Dr. Susan Renda, Dr. Miki Goodwin, Dr. (and recent grad/ research associate) Binu Koirala, and Dean Patricia Davidson.

Preceptor Abaneh Ebangwese and precepting coordinator Laura Smith shared their favorite things about precepting:

Abaneh said, “I love shaping the next generation who will change the face of nursing. “Laura said, “Knowing we’re supporting our profession.”

Special thanks to Winter Ware, Mary Rosenberger, and Miki Goodwin for organizing the preceptor appreciation reception.

See photos from the preceptor appreciation reception

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