Why Should I Pursue Nursing at Hopkins?

Why Should I Pursue Nursing at Hopkins?

My name is Diego San Antonio, and I am an MSN Entry into Nursing student in my third semester. I moved to the United States from the Philippines when I was a child, and I’ve been in Maryland ever since.

I attended Towson University and earned my bachelor’s in Health Education and promotion with a concentration in community health, but I was initially a Pre-Nursing major.

I graduated, became a technician, and learned skills such as organization, patient care, and how to communicate within a care team. But I started to think about graduate school, wondered what path to take. I learned about the MSN (Entry into Nursing) program at Johns Hopkins from a friend and thought; “Maybe it isn’t too late to get back into Nursing.”

Here’s why you should be excited to join the world of nursing:

You can Specialize in many different Options

Nursing offers an array of specializations, from primary care and community health, to critical care, oncology, mental health, and more. You can choose a path that aligns with your interests and passion.

Johns Hopkins School of Nursing offers many programs at the master’s and doctoral levels to become a registered or advanced practice nurse, as well as to prepare future nurses and advanced practice nurses for specialized certifications. Students can pursue dual degrees with the Carey School of Business or Bloomberg School of Public Health. You can even learn to impact the health system through policy.

You Will Have Job Security

Nurses make up 50 percent of the health care workforce, and with many nurses aging into retirement, there is a growing nursing workforce shortage. So, in an ever-changing job market, being a nurse means job security and stability for your future.

RN’s, Nurse Practitioners, and Nurse Anesthetists are among U.S. News & World Report’s Top 10 ‘Best Health Care Jobs.’

There’s Always More to Learn

In the nursing field, learning never stops. Medicine and healthcare are constantly evolving, which means there are endless opportunities to expand your expertise, grow your skills, and advance in your career. You’ll never get bored!

Take Advantage of Global Opportunities

Nursing is a universally recognized profession. It opens doors to opportunities, in your local community, and around the world. Nurses are in demand everywhere – and Hopkins nurses have a global footprint.

You Will Make a Difference

In my clinicals, I have comforted patients who expressed fear about their treatment and I’ve advocated on their behalf. This is patient centered care, and now I’ve had firsthand experience with it.

One night shift my first semester, my group and I were walking around to see how we could help the unit. We saw a patient trying to get out of bed. He was not my patient, but I grabbed my PPE and went into the room with a group member. I read his notes to learn more while I was in the room. He was scared, (Which is why he wanted to get out of bed), so I stayed with him for the rest of my shift to help him calm down. I learned a great deal about myself in that moment and it has helped me understand why I am becoming a nurse.  

These experiences remind me why I am here: to become the best nurse I can be. It takes passion and resilience to provide patient-centered care to those in need.

What Sets Hopkins Apart?

The MSN (Entry into Nursing) Program at Johns Hopkins is designed to prepare you for the challenges and rewards of this profession. This school has dedicated faculty members, top-notch clinical facilities, and a supportive community that is committed to your success. I can attest to their support throughout my time here. Instructors such as Dr. Rohde, Dr. Hudson, and Dr. Wright are
some of the wonderful people that have helped me reach my full potential.

I have grown as a student nurse through clinical groups, and increased my skills and knowledge. I enjoy learning from this institution, and appreciate all the opportunities the school offers through its partnerships across the global stage.

I chose this program so I could learn at a world-renowned teaching hospital that would challenge me academically, and so that I could pursue leadership opportunities in my field. I look forward to specializing in surgical intensive care or psychiatric nursing, and becoming a family nurse practitioner.

Nursing is more than a career; it’s a chance to contribute to the well-being of our society, and make it better for the next generation. It’s a path that will challenge you, inspire you, and reward you beyond measure.

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About the Author: Diego San Antonio

Diego San Antonio is a third semester MSN (Entry into Nursing) student. Originally born in the Philippines, Diego has lived in Maryland since he was a child and attended Towson University in Maryland for his undergrad. Diego aspires to specialize in surgical intensive care or psychiatric nursing, and become a family nurse practitioner.

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