Admissions Talks Goes to New Orleans for The 48th Annual Conference for the American Association of Men in Nursing

Admissions Talks Goes to New Orleans for The 48th Annual Conference for the American Association of Men in Nursing

For the fifth year in a row, the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing received the “Best Schools for Men in Nursing” award from the American Association of Men In Nursing.

This year, the conference was held in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. The weather was perfect, the energy was eccentric, and the food was incredulous. Being in the heart and intersection of Creole and Cajun culture is always a joy and pleasure.

Dr. Bob Atkins, PhD Candidate Jon Suen, Dr. Jermaine Monk, and Dr. Andy Benson accept the Award for “Best Schools for Men In Nursing.”

During the conference, the School of Nursing not only exhibited to recruit students into advanced nursing degree programs, but sponsored breakfast and lunch for all attendees during the conference. We also attended sessions to learn more about how various institutions and organizations are expanding efforts and initiatives to recruit and retain more male-identifying people within the nursing profession. The School of Nursing was represented by myself from the Office of Admissions, Dr. Bob Atkins, Executive Vice Dean, Dr. Jermaine Monk, Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Dr. Andy Benson, Assistant Program Director for the DNP Nurse Anesthesia Track, and Jon Suen, Au.D, a PhD candidate who will graduate from the School of Nursing in Spring 2024.

One of the great things about this conference is not only the comradery, but the emphasis on intersectional education to continue to diversify the future of the nursing profession. The Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing continues to commit to recruiting and retaining nurses from underrepresented communities to enhance patient experiences and outcomes. We are excited and look forward to connecting with the AAMN conference in St. Louis, Missouri in 2024!

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About the Author: Alexander Murphy

Alexander Murphy is the Assistant Director for Diversity Initiatives and Healthcare Organizational Leadership Recruitment at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. Alexander is part of the admissions team.

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